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Bizarre AI device that lets you call and text is cheaper than an iPhone
Featured Image Credit: X/@Humane

Bizarre AI device that lets you call and text is cheaper than an iPhone

The Humane AI Pin officially releases next year at a price tag of $699.

The advancement in artificial intelligence in recent years is an exciting one, but one that has also concerned a lot of people.

In just recent weeks, we've seen Elon Musk sit down with the UK prime minister Rishi Sunak to discuss the 'uncomfortable' truth surrounding AI, and an AI chatbot even bringing the deceased 'back to life'.

While this piece of AI may not be as shocking as that, it is certainly a bizarre addition to the ever-growing world of technology we live in during current times.

The Humane AI Pin was officially announced in a video on Thursday (9 November), in what is the first product announced by Humane - a five-year-old AI startup company founded by former Apple designers Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno.

The device is made by former Apple designers.

This new product, which is hitting the market at $699 is essentially designed to replace your smartphone in your pocket.

Just like a regular Apple or Samsung device, the AI pin will allow you to make calls, send texts and look up any information you may require.

Unlike a smartphone, you don't need to download these internet services, instead the likes of Microsoft and Google are contributing to the AI services on the phone.

This is not done by a touch screen though, as the AI pin is completely screen less.

Instead, you attach the handy piece of technology to your clothing and instruct it to make calls and texts through voice commands.

Speaking in the ten-minute launch video released on YouTube, Chaudhri said: "There are no wake words so it’s not always listening or always recording.

"In fact, it doesn’t do anything until you engage with it, and your engagement comes through your voice, touch, gesture or the laser ink display."

The tech sits on your clothing.

To be honest, the $699 price tag is very reasonable if you compare it to how much the latest iPhone's cost in the current market.

The iPhone 15 retails at $799, making the AI Pin a $100 cheaper option.

Of course, it may not have a screen - but everyone does say AI is the way forward, right?

The $699 is not the end of the buy-ins though if you decide to invest in this new piece of technology, as you'll also have to pay a $24 monthly data subscription to T-Mobile.

But for those wanting to delve in, Humane will begin taking orders for the AI Pin on 16 November, with a launch planned for next year.

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