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Call of Duty fans are raging over pricing of new Modern Warfare 3 game

Call of Duty fans are raging over pricing of new Modern Warfare 3 game

Call of Duty fans are going to war over the price of the latest instalment

Fans of Call of Duty are furious after learning that they will have to pay full price for Modern Warfare III.

Angry gamers have been targeting Activision after the developer confirmed that the latest instalment would be a ‘premium release’.

Even last week’s trailer, which teased the return of villain Makarov, hasn’t made fans want to bite the bullet.

Fans had been hoping that the highly anticipated game would be like a DLC, meaning that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III would retail for a much lower cost.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg claimed that Activision had intended to release a major expansion of Modern Warfare II but that the update had become an entire game in of itself.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is set to be released later this year.

Despite this, many still hoped that the new game would cost slightly less, especially as other parts of the franchise, such as Call Of Duty: Zombies, are rumoured to have become free to play.

However, fans soon they learned that they would be paying full price for the game when it’s released later this year - and they're not happy about it.

A spokesperson for the brand confirmed the game will be a ‘premium release’, telling Charlie Intel: “It will be price[d] accordingly at $70 USD,” Video Game Chronicles reported.

Though most gamers will most likely take the hit, others have hit out at Activision’s decision.

Fans of COD have hit back at the developers for the price.

After the news broke on Reddit, fans were ready to go to war over the price, with many stating they’d wait until it was available on Xbox’s Game Pass.

“Not hyped. Sbm and pay-to-win algorithm has put me right off,” wrote one Redditor.

Someone else added: “Be great to check out when it hits Game Pass…. I’m skipping will not buy.”

“It feels good that this is likely the last COD il ever pay for. It's been a wild ride.” another said.

“I'll buy a used copy if they bring back Survival from the original mw3. Otherwise, I'll probably wait for a significant price drop.” a fourth said.

With the game not out until later this year, fans will have to wait to see whether they will invest in Activision’s latest release.

For those on Playstation, they will be able to trial a beta version of the game – so long as they’ve pre-ordered.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III will launch on the 10th of November later this year for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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