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New AI tool 'Live forever mode' brings deceased loved ones 'back to life'

New AI tool 'Live forever mode' brings deceased loved ones 'back to life'

An expert worries it's exploiting people's 'existential fears' for cash

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) can be a daunting one for a lot of folks, but it certainly provides a lot of new possibilities.

While AI can delve into what the 'average person' looks like for each job or what the 'ideal boyfriend' looks like in each US state, its steady rise has provided some perhaps unexpected possibilities.

Technology entrepreneur Artur Sychov was left devastated when his father was diagnosed with cancer, and he accepted a day may soon come when he wouldn't be able to speak to him again.

That father-son relationship is certainly a special one, with Artur knowing he would give anything to have another conversation with his dad after his death.

A new AI tool is on the way. Getty Stock Photo
A new AI tool is on the way. Getty Stock Photo

So, with AI in mind, the tech guru got to work on a way that could happen to help himself and other families in a similar position.

Artur, 38, has ultimately created a new virtual reality tool known as 'Live Forever', which looks set to produce some impressive stuff.

The tool features digital avatars who can simulate a person's voice, mannerisms and movements, something that can be achieved by just 30 minutes of observation by the tool.

Artur says the goal with 'Live Forever' is for an avatar of a deceased loved one to live online forever so that future generations can interact with deceased loved ones.

It's basically a real-life version of the Black Mirror episode 'Be Right Back', in which Domhnall Gleeson is brought back from the dead as an AI chatbot.

As for downsides and potentially issues with this form of AI, Artur doesn't have any concerns.

He told Sky News: "You can get to know the person. You can hear their voice... You get to talk to them about different topics, and you get to inject a little bit of their personality.

"And with time, you'd actually be more and more precise. It would be more like them."

'Live forever' is in its testing phase. TEDx Talks
'Live forever' is in its testing phase. TEDx Talks

But while Artur may not have any concerns, Elaine Kasket, a cyber psychologist and author has expressed some worries.

As per Sky News, she said: "It's really pushing on that fundamental anxiety that we have about the end of our being.

"Some people have a lot of anxiety around that... I guess I have a few concerns about playing on those really existential fears as a means of selling your products."

The virtual reality tool is currently in the testing phase ahead of its official launch.

Artur's company, Somnium Space, are the ones trialling the new piece of technology.

The 3D metaverse platform allows users to exist as an avatar in the virtual world, taking part in activities such as gaming and art creation.

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