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Builder uses genius Apple Vision Pro technique for measurements at work and people are divided
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@reekontools

Builder uses genius Apple Vision Pro technique for measurements at work and people are divided

A company have gone viral after utilising a virtual reality headset on a construction job.

A construction worker has divided opinion after explaining how he measures jobs using an Apple Vision Pro headset.

Apple’s latest product has US consumers already obsessed with the virtual reality headset.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Apple Vision Pro looks exactly like a pair of ski goggles and allows you to display things in augmented reality (AR).

You can also control virtual space with your hands, eyes and voice while wearing the headset and apparently measure planks of wood, too.

Well, at least that’s how one builder has been using the $3,499 gadget anyway.

Earlier this week, power and measurement tool company REEKON Tools took to TikTok to explain how they’re utilising the Apple headset.

Founded in 2020, the company claims to have ‘redefined job site capability’ by developing innovative hardware tools and simple software that offers unparalleled communication.

In a new video, shared with REEKON Tool’s 1.1 million social media followers, a builder could be seen strapping on the headset.

A builder showed how his company is utilising the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The construction worker began to demonstrate how using the REEKON T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure with the ROCK Jobsite app on the Vision Pro can change the game.

“Any measurement I capture on the T1 will automatically populate on our giant billboard over there,” the man explained.

The builder then headed over to a stack of wood and began to take measurements using the electronic tape.

After locking in various quantities using the T1, he showed how the exact number would translate onto the AR screen.

Upon collecting the measurements, he headed over to the Mitre Saw and used the virtually recorded figures to cut the correct plank length.

After labelling his wood with a QR code, the man brought the ROCK app screen back over to the job site.

The TikTok video showed how the virtual reality headset can improve productivity and accuracy.

There, he revealed that the cut had been accurate and claimed how ‘cool’ it was for measurements to be a ‘touch away’.

“Any measurements I capture on my T1 automatically hops over to the Vision Pro and automatically works directly with the ROCK app,” the builder concluded.

The video has racked up over 100K likes and almost 3,000 comments since it was posted on Thursday, 29 February.

One viewer who watched the viral social media video wrote: “Contractor: ‘Sorry we can’t build ur house my headset died’ this is crazy.”

Though a second commented: “If I have the money for this tape and Apple goggles, I’m paying for someone else to do it.”

“I thought this was going to be a joke at first,” admitted another watcher. “But this is actually useful.”

A fourth typed: “Very cool and freaking love the measuring chop saw lol. But yeah that’s so much added cost to something someone with the skills can knock out easy.”

“You know what, I have a pencil and a small piece of plank then I write the measurements on it completely free,” commented a fellow TikTok user.

“Also withstands cold/rain and dust.”

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