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People stunned after seeing man wearing Apple Vision Pro to walk his robodog
Featured Image Credit: Instagram / zacalsop

People stunned after seeing man wearing Apple Vision Pro to walk his robodog

The tech fan was seen 'walking' a robot dog through London while wearing the new headset from Apple

A tech fan has left Londoners speechless after being seen 'walking' a robot dog while wearing an Apple Vision Pro.

If you're a fan of ski goggles that track your eye movements, then look no further than the Apple Vision Pro, literally.

The new device from Apple has been trending online lately, with fans filming themselves wearing the device out in public.

Various videos show people waving their arms around like an orchestra conductor as they interact with the augmented reality interface on the device.

For those who don't know, the Apple Vision Pro is worn over the eyes and offers an 'augmented reality'.

This means that you can have 'screens' popping up in front of you which you can set in a particular place.

You then interact with these 'screens' by looking at them, because the device is able to track what your eyes are trained on.

Starting at a whopping $3,499 (US Dollars), Apple Vision Pro has been touted as the next generation of augmented reality.

Touting a device which literally covers your eyes does seem a tad on the nose as the planet buckles under climate change and the 2024 US election looms.

The YouTuber showed off the device in public.
Instagram / zacalsop

But that hasn't stopped many people from getting out and about in public wearing the Apple Vision Pro, including one man who 'walked' his robo-dog while wearing them.

People were left dumbstruck as the man strolled through London, with the goggles covering his face and the robo-dog trotting in front of him.

The video was posted by popular YouTuber Zac Alsop to Instagram, with the caption: 'please respect my morning dog walk'.

While the people on the street were clearly impressed by the device and the 'dog', others online reacted slightly differently.

Responding to a tweet with the video, many left less-than-impressed replies to the video.

He also had a robot 'dog'.
Instagram / zacalsop

One wrote: "Should have spent the money on a suit that fits."

Another questioned what exactly the point of 'walking' a robot dog was.

They wrote: "Robots don't actually need exercise so can somebody brighter than me explain what the point is."

A third person questioned the wisdom of walking around in public with a device costing nearly $3,500 strapped to your face.

They tweeted: "You're just waiting to get mugged walking around with those in the streets ngl."

Someone else was less focused on the headset than they were on the robo-dog, writing: "Finally! I can get rid of that pesky sentient animal I've been bonding with for 3 years and just walk with a skittering mech horror."

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