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Major change to the iPhone 15 Pro model is dividing opinion

Major change to the iPhone 15 Pro model is dividing opinion

New features coming to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have been unveiled, but not all Apple users are impressed

One of Apple’s latest iPhone updates has seriously divided social media users’ opinions.

On 12 September, Apple revealed that it was adding two new devices to their arsenal - the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

As per a press release, both mobiles have been designed with aerospace-grade titanium and are described to be the ‘lightest Pro models ever’.

As well as being available in four new finishes - including black, white, blue and natural - the Pro Max has a 5x Telephoto camera and features improvements to Night mode and Smart HDR.

Excitingly, Apple also unveiled another major update that will feature on the two devices - the all-new Action button.

Previously, those with Apple phones were accustomed to using a single-function switch to toggle between ring and silent. Now however, with a single click, users will be able to cycle between ring and silent mode as a default.

Putting your phone on silent mode just got easier with the Action button, but apparently that isn’t all this utility can do.

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled the Action button alongside other new features.

According to the tech company, the button will let you customize actions for convenience and versatility.

So as well as ring and silent modes, you will be able to access the camera, flashlight, Voice memos, Focus modes and more via the Action button.

However, this game-changing update has divided fans across social media, with many wondering whether we need this latest upgrade from Apple.

One X user commented: “IMHO [in my honest opinion] the mute button was better. However some wanted a programmable button and Apple gave them one, let's see how useful it is.”

Another replied: “The old one is almost never used since I wear an Apple Watch for almost 7 years. It’s always on silence. So it’s a nice addition.”

While a third said: “This is the stupidest implementation ever. Looks cool because you can mimic the ‘real button’ (like ones in the photo camera for shooting photos). But it’s limited, you can only trigger one action."

Though the Action button has garnered some criticism, many X users have taken to the platform to praise Apple’s latest invention.

The versatile button is customisable and replaces the switch which would toggle between ring and silent mode.

One positive X user said: “Sounds like a better idea than just a switch and having to configure everything on touch screen. I’m visually impaired and it would be good for accessibility.”

A second wrote: “It's very useful and if you can program it for whatever you want will be very good!! I hope to have the option for (sic) two click, three click or long press and do different things.”

“I really like it I also I like how easy and quickly you can put do not disturb on without going to the control centre,” replied a third.

Elsewhere, another X user claimed that although they originally ‘hated’ the idea, they are going to give the new Action button a chance.

They wrote: “I'm gonna give it a chance and see... I mean I hated the idea from the leaks but what can I do about it, we'll just have to wait and see.”

If you’re excited to get your hands on the new iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max, then pre-orders for the devices begin on Friday, (15 September). Availability begins next Friday (22 September).

Featured Image Credit: Apple/X/@neilcybart

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