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Mark Zuckerberg gives verdict on Apple Vision Pro and reveals ‘better product’
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@zuck

Mark Zuckerberg gives verdict on Apple Vision Pro and reveals ‘better product’

The Meta CEO shared his review of Apple's latest product

The tech war has been reignited as Mark Zuckerberg has shared his opinion on the Apple Vision Pro.

It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that the Meta CEO probably isn’t the biggest fan of Apple.

It makes sense, the companies are often fighting for dominion of the tech market and Zuckerberg has previously called Apple one of Facebook’s biggest competitors.

In a hilariously brazen move, Zuckerberg has conducted his own review of Apple’s latest product, the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple has said it hopes to blur the lines between the real and virtual world (yikes) with a wearable display that allows the user to have access to multiple screens in an augmented reality.

Many critics have suggested this is proof the ‘end is near’ and we are moving closer to a dystopian reality like that seen in TV show Black Mirror.

However, Apple was actually late to the party as it introduced a product with features similar to one already on the market.

In fact, in his video posted to his Instagram page on February 13, Zuckerberg claimed there is a cheaper and 'better product' already out there.

Mark Zuckerberg shared his review of the Apple Vision Pro.

In a move that is no surprise to anyone, Zuckerberg promoted his company's own product, the Meta Quest 3, which was unveiled in June last year.

I wonder if Zuckerberg might be a little biased in his assessment since... you know... he owns everything Meta makes.

In the video, that has been liked more than 150,000 times, he said: “The different companies made different design decisions for the headsets, they have different strengths, but overall Quest is better for the vast majority of things that people use mixed reality for.

“My friend Kenny is actually capturing this video on Quest’s high resolution mixed reality passthrough right now. We are just here in my living room, you can see his browsers windows and whatever he has got running up here.

Apple CEO Tim Cook with the Apple Vision Pro.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

“Quest 3 does high quality pass through with big screens just like Vision Pro but we also designed it for a lot of other things.”

After trying the Apple Vision Pro, Zuckerberg proceeded to claim that his product is better for moving around, playing games, socializing as well as working out.

While much of the video was quite critical of Apple, he noted that the device did have some good features - and some that are even better than Quest 3 - such as a higher resolution screen.

However, Zuckerberg ultimately concluded that his product is seven times cheaper - as it costs just under $500 compared to Apple’s $3,500 device - has no wires that get in the way, is 120g lighter, has a wider field of view and an apparently brighter screen in comparison.

UNILAD has contacted Apple for comment.

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