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Man successfully builds homemade Cybertruck that can drive itself

Man successfully builds homemade Cybertruck that can drive itself

This is impressive

A man has successfully created an actual Cybertruck and it's seriously impressive.

James Hobson, who also goes by the name of Hacksmith Industries, has created a DIY Cybertruck with self-driving capabilities.

It only took the team two months to create the design, which is a mini, half-scale version inspired by Elon Musk's Cybertruck.

The vehicle charges with a Tesla charging port, and can even withstand being shot at with an arrow - just like Musk's.

To create the self-driving feature, James and his team tested the software on a remote-controlled car.

Once they had it perfected, they took that hardware and used it in the Cybertruck.

Naturally, there were a few bumps in the road - including the car nearly driving off a cliff - but soon the vehicle was able to drive itself without steering.

The mini-cyber truck only took around eight weeks to make.
YouTube/Hacksmith Industries

The next part of the test was setting up an obstacle course and having friends try out its capabilities while manoeuvring around.

“It feels like a bad amusement park ride,” joked one friend.

And let's face it, you'd have to be pretty brave.

People were pretty impressed after the team shared a video on YouTube.

One wrote: "This Cybertruck looks better than the real production version."

"A mini cybertruck! I love it!!! I especially love it cause it's geo metro sized."

You can watch the video here:

Hacksmith Industries is known for creating some pretty wild inventions.

Earlier this month, we told you how James and his team had created the 'world's first lightsaber'

The tool can cut through metal and at first glance, kind of looks like a glorified blow torch.

But it's certainly the closest thing to 'lightsaber' we've ever seen, and burns at a whopping 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The company had been evolving the design for years and in 2020 managed to achieve a retractable, plasma-based lightsaber.

"Every single component of these sabers was custom built, including electronics, gas transfer assemblies, switches, gas management elements, and the whole body of the main saber itself (which looks like a steam-punk sci-fi hybrid device in the best way)," said Hacksmith Industries.

The lightsaber is pretty impressive.
Hacksmith Industries

To create the plasma-based design, the team evolved their previous 'proto lightsaber'.

"We re-engineered the nozzle and valve systems, and the fuel mix, in the hopes of creating 'laminar flow' in the gases, making an exceptionally clean, bright, and long/stable flame," Hacksmith Industries explained.

"By adding different salts to the plasma, we can change the beam's color. For example, boric acid will make a green beam like Yoda's lightsaber, sodium chloride produces a bright yellow like Rey's, and strontium chloride will generate a bright red for those who prefer to walk on the dark side."

Looks like you are spoilt for choice.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Hacksmith Industries

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