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Small detail from GTA V loading screen shows how long we've waited for sixth game

Small detail from GTA V loading screen shows how long we've waited for sixth game

An iPhone on the GTA V loading screen shows how long we've been waiting for GTA VI.

All gamers are well aware at this point how long we have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto VI.

Rockstar Games - the developers of the famed franchise - released Grand Theft Auto V in September 2013, with the tenth anniversary of the game coming later this month.

The gap between Grand Theft Auto IV and V was just five years, so many fans have questioned when we could potentially see the sixth instalment.

To be honest, it could still be a few years yet until we have GTA VI in our hands, as the game is yet to have an official trailer released - despite the fact all that gameplay footage was leaked last year.

The last GTA game came out in 2013.
Rockstar Games

Perhaps one of the smallest details that does really show how old GTA V is nowadays is something from the loading screen to the game.

Those who regularly play GTA V will know all about the woman who rocks the peace sign and holds an iPhone - the character which led to Lindsey Lohan suing Rockstar as she thought it looked a lot like her - yep, that one.

Well, as per a post on Facebook by our friends at GAMINGbible, the phone that the GTA character is holding is an iPhone 4.

For those not up to date with Apple's latest offerings, well the iPhone 15 is coming out later this year.

Many flocked to the comments of the post in realization as to how old GTA V actually is and how long we've been waiting for the sixth title.

"Longest we've ever waiting for a GTA game now," one commenter wrote.

A second added: "Hahaha. That’s serious. Rockstar you got to release GTA VI."

While a third joked: "By the time GTA VI releases, Apple would have released the iPhone 34."

The character is holding an iPhone 4.
Rockstar Games

It comes as GTA fans have been left in disarray as they fear they may have to fork out $150 for the next game.

According to Dexerto, it's believed that GTA VI could be priced at an eye-watering $150 — almost $100 more than its predecessor GTA V.

In light of the price rumors, GTA fans have taken to X - formerly known as Twitter - to share their thoughts on it.

And while some are more than happy to pay the hefty sum, others have said they won't be purchasing it.

Sharing a GIF of a stressed-looking Cillian Murphy, one disgruntled X-user wrote: "Me trying to comprehend why a f**king video game would cost 150 bucks."

"$150?????? you might as well sub to my OF at that point," said another, as a third commented: "Yeah well rumor it to cost $70 or we ain’t buying."

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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