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Streamers and gamers are noticing they have dents in their heads due to prolonged headphone use

Streamers and gamers are noticing they have dents in their heads due to prolonged headphone use

Should you actually be worried about prolonged headphone use?

Gamers and streamers are noticing they have dents in their noggins from prolonged headphone usage.

If you wear your headphones daily, you might have noticed a slight indentation on the top of your head.

Well, at least that’s the case for some streamers and gamers right now, who are shaving their heads to unveil their bizarre new head shape.

One particularly surprised gamer took to Twitter to debut his new ‘look’ while shaving it for charity.

In the clip, the man says: “Dude the shaver's working like a champ.

"I’m looking at an indent here; this is where my headphones go. I have a f**king headphone indent in my head. What the f**k.

“I thought that was just my hair; I thought just my hair did that.”

Ah, my dude, it looks like you might have to invest in some good hats.

Many were left amused, as one person on Twitter wrote: “Once you stream on Twitch enough your genetic code changes and your skull becomes soft and pliable.”

Another said: “Modern Cranial Modification - a status symbol among the idle, they are raised in heavy headphones from an early age, such that a divot forms as an easily recognisable marker of sedentism.”

A third commented: “This is why I will never wear a headset for prolonged time periods.”

While another advised: “Idc who you [are] PLEASE invest in IEM's [in ear monitors], getting bald spots or having a[n] indent in ya head isn't worth it.”

But is this legitimately a thing?

Well, the short answer - no.

mark phillips / Alamy Stock Photo

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, it takes around at least 135 kg to cause even a minor fracture to the skull.

So rest assured, even the most bulky Sennheisers aren’t going to alter your head.

But you can suffer a temporary dent that goes away after a while.

While we don’t have to worry about head shape, prolonged use of headphones can lead to permanent hearing loss.

According to ABC News, experts believe you should only wear headphones for 90 minutes maximum daily at 80 per cent of the volume.

A 2017 study by National Acoustic Laboratories also revealed that when one in 10 Australians frequently turn up the volume on their headphones to more than 85 decibels, it’s the equivalent of standing next to a running lawn mower.

"When hearing damage starts, then you're really on an irreversible journey. If you don't protect your hearing, you're going to damage it for life," Professor McAlpine said, as per the outlet.

So, proceed with caution.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/curtosslive. Twitch/Tyler1

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