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Elon Musk pledges to fix 'silly' Tesla charge after customer complaint
Featured Image Credit: AC NewsPhoto / Michael Siluk / Alamy

Elon Musk pledges to fix 'silly' Tesla charge after customer complaint

It's not much of a cost reduction but it's something

A Tesla customer might have saved their fellow electric car aficionados a bit of money after they complained to Elon Musk on Twitter.

Forking over more than $50,000 for a new car might not make most people quibble over a few extra add-ons but one customer decided that they didn't want to pay an $11.85 fee towards the cost of their car.

While they could have taken their complaint anywhere they decided to submit it to the highest possible place by heading for Twitter and tagging Elon Musk into a post with the breakdown of their spending.

This driver was happy to spend $49,880 on a new Tesla and cough up a few hundred bucks on top of that for some extra fees but what they couldn't stand was the $11.85 'online processing fee'.

Tweeting at Musk, they asked 'do we really need an online processing fee' in the transaction, pointing out that it was 2023 and so doing business online really shouldn't be an additional expense.

The message got the attention of Musk, who said the online fee was 'silly' and promised to 'fix it' in a response on Twitter.

Apparently if you don't like an additional charge on your Tesla bill it's as easy as tweeting at Musk and asking him to sort it out for you.

Quite a few people joked that they 'can afford it now' as that $11.85 reduction in a $50k car just nudged it back down into the affordable bracket.

Others quipped that Musk was acting as 'customer service' for Tesla by promising to sort out the customer's issue after getting contacted directly.

Perhaps he'll end up having to help other customers out, like the one who said their Tesla steering wheel just came off while driving or the siblings who claimed they had to stop and charge their car six times in one day.

Tesla owners might want to personally contact Musk if they have problems.
The Bold Bureau / Alamy Stock Photo

Musk will be hoping he doesn't end up missing that extra $11.85 after a particularly bad day last month where his net worth dropped by almost $13 billion in the span of 24 hours.

The Tesla CEO is also the boss of Twitter after buying the social media giant last year and ever since he walked through the doors carrying a sink things have been going... not great.

Wading through a mess of his own making, Musk has recently been trying to make Twitter Blue (where you pay $8 for a blue tick) work and run into some problems with the most popular accounts on his site.

Then there was the recent storm over what appeared to be his secret alternative Twitter account which led to someone pretending to be his young child on the social media platform.

Still, at least one Tesla customer is going to skedaddle away from this feeling pretty happy and with almost $12 more in their bank account than they would have had.

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