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Hilarious video shows how company behind GTA series used to make fight scenes

Hilarious video shows how company behind GTA series used to make fight scenes

The creators of the Grand Theft Auto series have come a long way

Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest gaming series in the world, with cutting edge graphics and engaging, if brutal, storylines.

But it took a long time to get to this point, with designers having to make a bit of a fool of themselves along the way. Like this:

The first game in the series was created by DMA Design Ltd, a Scottish company that had huge success back in the day with Lemming.

Resurfaced footage from a report on the gaming studio shows a reporter interviewing some of the employees ahead of the release of the first GTA game in 1997.

In the segment, he speaks to one member of the team about the hotly-anticipated release and what it's all about.

Getting straight to the point, he tells the journalist: "Well, it's a mission-based driving game, where basically you're driving around the city, stealing cars, running over pedestrians... "

I mean, that's still pretty much it, to be fair.

The gaming giant has come a long way.

The report then cuts to another part of the studio, where they're working on graphics for another game in their catalogue.

And it provides a good insight to how they eventually evolved the GTA series and its fight sequences.

In the background of the office, a young guy, called Darren, is seen wearing a black skullcap and kneepads, with white dots all over him as he grapples with thin air, throwing punches at nothing.

Poor Darren.

"You might think Darren here's gone completely mad but what he's actually doing is executing punches in the motion capture department," the journo explains.

"Those punches that he's doing, they're actually being picked up on a computer here [and] will be used to animate models in another game."

Darren working on the early fight scenes.

It's safe to say they've come a long way since those early days.

Now into its sixth game in the franchise, fans are waiting patiently for its release.

However, just as the quality of the graphics and gameplay have increased, so has the price.

According to the latest rumors, GTA 6 could set people back $150, and fans are not happy about it.

Sharing a GIF of a stressed-looking Cillian Murphy, one disgruntled X user wrote: "Me trying to comprehend why a f**king video game would cost 150 bucks."

"$150?????? you might as well sub to my 0F at that point," said another, as a third commented: "Yeah well rumor it to cost $70 or we ain’t buying."

"Whoa thats really expensive for a game," suggested someone else.

Others, however, didn't flinch at the price, admitting their love for the series means they'll pay anything.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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