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People Are Debating Whether Astronauts Are Allowed To Masturbate In Zero Gravity

People Are Debating Whether Astronauts Are Allowed To Masturbate In Zero Gravity

Late night TV host Conan O’Brien addressed the issue

This article was updated 10/8/2022, to correctly identify the person who made the claims. Previous versions of this article misattributed the quote to mechanical engineer for a NASA contractor Smythe Mullikin, when they were made by podcast co-host and comedian Matt Gourley.

The question we probably have never thought about asking – why can't astronauts have a bit of 'me time' in space?

Well, TV host and podcaster Conan O'Brien recently discussed the topic on his Needs a Friend podcast, as he spoke to Smythe Mullikin – who works for a NASA contractor in Texas – alongside his co-hosts, comedian Matt Gourley and author Sona Movsesian.

“Smythe… were someone to be watching space porn up on the space station, how does that work?” Conan asked.


At this point, Gourley interjected, saying: “Three female astronauts can be impregnated by the same man on the same session.”

“Because the semen flies around?” O’Brien asked, to which Gourley responded: “Uh-huh. And finds its way.”

Unfortunately, Gourley's comments got the group off track, and Mullikin didn't get to answer Conan's question.

Unsurprisingly, there has been very little research into the topic.

However, a proposal to study it further has been made by scientists.


Simon Dubé, one of the lead authors, said: "Research on human intimacy and sexuality in space – including their socio-cultural and psychological components – is quasi-nonexistent.

"No research has explored intimate relationships nor the human experience of sexual functions and wellbeing in space or space analogues, or how any of this can affect crew performance."

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