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AI predicts what every country will look like in year 5000
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/AI Imaginary World

AI predicts what every country will look like in year 5000

I hope you like tall buildings...

Forget the Jonas Brothers and the Year 3000, because AI is taking us all the way to the year 5000 with its predictions for what certain countries will look like.

And it turns out a lot has changed, but we sadly don't live underwater.

The predictions have been shared by the YouTube channel AI Imaginary World, which asked the technology-driven know-it-all to quite literally predict the future.

Now, if you're familiar with AI, you'll know that - in the most simple terms - it relies on existing data to come up with its creations.

Here's what Fiji will look like in 3,000 years.
YouTube/AI Imaginary World

Obviously, though, we don't have any existing data about what the world will look like in 3000 years.

So buckle up, because it's going to be a wild ride.


I'll get straight to the point: Belgium looks just like Disneyland.

It's a country famous for its chocolates, and it seems like the AI took the concept of a 'chocolate-box town' and threw in a little Cinderella, Fairy-Godmother magic to make it even more beautiful and impressive.

If there are any Disney directors out there looking for their next film set, just visit Belgium in the year 5000.

Belgium looks like the next Disney Princess movie.
YouTube/AI Imaginary World


Heading to the land of the Finnish, and we enter a very different type of movie set; namely, that of The Capitol in The Hunger Games.

The futuristic landscape is covered with skyscrapers surrounding a large lake, and in case you were in any doubt that we're looking at the future, the scene shows that the Finnish have apparently swapped their cars for spaceships.

Finland has swapped cars for spaceships.
YouTube/AI Imaginary World


It's goodbye Colosseum, hello 'squashed landscape of impressive buildings' in Italy, where residents have seemingly decided to build up instead of out - probably to avoid those rising water levels am I right?

Residents look set to travel above the water using bridges, before wandering among grand palaces and structures which are piled on top of one another.

It doesn't look very comfortable, but as long as there's still a good pizza place, I'll be happy.

Italy is all piled up.
YouTube/AI Imaginary World

United Kingdom

In comparison to the countries we've had so far, the UK really seems to have changed very little.

London Bridge still stands proudly over the river with the city visible in the background - it just looks to have got a bit taller.

In the foreground are some glass pods that scream 'future', though it's not exactly clear what they are.

Maybe some of those pods from the London Eye just came loose?

Not much has changed for England.
YouTube/AI Imaginary World


A land known for its history, Egypt seems to have ditched some of its heritage and bid the pyramids goodbye in favour of a landscape straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Like Finland, the city towers over a lake but Egypt looks a lot more ominous, with a dark sky and huge planet-slash-moon which has somehow made an appearance in close proximity to Earth.

We should probably look out for that.

Anyone know where that planet's come from?
YouTube/AI Imaginary World


Taking Finland's spaceships to the next level, China has already apparently developed light-speed vehicles which leave nothing but streaks across the sky.

It's one of the more peaceful-looking predictions, with pathways surrounding calm water which spreads out from a towering cityscape, implying that there is still room for people to move about on foot, if they're so inclined.

China is definitely one of the less chaotic countries.
YouTube/AI Imaginary World


The land down under seems to really embrace its nickname by turning things upside down in the year 5000, creating a world where it is somehow both dark and light at the same time.

Aussies have also embraced flying vehicles to help them get around, as well as what look to be boats comprised of round pods.

How is it both night and day?
YouTube/AI Imaginary World

United States

It's the one you've been waiting for, and it's probably the maddest one of them all.

Like Vegas on steroids, the US in the year 5000 is a country that's apparently taken parts of every other country and chucked them all together to create a wondrous playground of chaos.

There are at least two Statue of Liberty-style buildings visible, as well as an Eiffel Tower-like structure which towers over literally every other building in the area.

There's also a notable lack of American flags hanging around, but the sheer scale and excessiveness of the place has America written all over it.

This has America written all over it.
YouTube/AI Imaginary World

Unfortunately, we won't be around to see how accurate the AI is with its predictions, but we can at least see how the world develops over the next few decades.

Maybe we'll start to see the visions come to life?

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