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Marjorie Taylor Green Tells Women To Not Have Sex If They Don't Want Abortions

Marjorie Taylor Green Tells Women To Not Have Sex If They Don't Want Abortions

The Republican representative also voted against a bill that would provide emergency spending to address America's shortage of baby formula.

United States Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has told women to not have sex if they want to avoid getting an abortion.

She made the declaration at an anti-abortion rally, which she then posted to her Twitter with the caption: “The greatest choice a woman can make is becoming a mother.”

It's ironic that someone who is against the pro-choice movement actively mentions the word 'choice' in her statement.

Greene, who is a Congresswoman from Georgia, has promoted far-right conspiracy theories such as white genocide, QAnon, and Pizzagate.

She previously compared the Democratic dealing of the Covid-19 pandemic to the persecution of Jews by the Nazis during the holocaust.

So yeah, you know the type of person we're dealing with.

During her speech at the anti-abortion rally, she said: “Women need to make better choices.

"If we want to be women who make choices, here's one thing you can choose. If you don't want to become pregnant right now, choose to not have sex.

"You can always abstain."

Again, love that she is talking about choice, but fundamentally is against giving women a choice to terminate their pregnancy.

You almost have to wonder if she’s even thought her whole statement through, completely neglecting the topic of rape and sexual assault.

Within her speech, she said: “Let me tell you what a woman's choice is.

"To be a mother. That is the greatest choice a woman can ever make ... Here's what I want to encourage women to understand and know. 

“If you accidentally get pregnant, let me tell you something, that abortion you're considering having, is not going to solve your problems.

"It's not going to make that boyfriend of yours or that guy love you ... It's not going to help you pursue a career that you think you want to pursue. It's not going to help you finish college."

She goes on to state that God will help those who choose to keep the baby, even going as far as giving them the strength to finish college and pursue a career.

Wow, she must really love American babies, right?

Well, despite making her very inspirational pro-life speech, she would go on to vote against a bill to provide emergency funding to address America’s shortage of baby formula. 

The bill, known as the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act, passed with 231 votes to 192 with $28 million in emergency spending provided. 

Of those 192 Republican votes, of course, the woman who believes being a mother is ‘the greatest choice a woman can ever make’, is one of those voting to make the decision as difficult as possible.  

At what point do these people recognise that we can all see they don’t actually care for human life, but are more interested in controlling people's bodies.

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