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Cold case investigator claims the Zodiac Killer has finally been identified

Cold case investigator claims the Zodiac Killer has finally been identified

The person died in 2018

A cold case investigator claims he's finally identified the elusive Zodiac Killer - and that he has DNA proof to back it up.

The infamous serial killer - who was never caught - terrorised northern California in the 1960s with five confirmed victims, though he claimed to have killed 37.

To taunt police, someone claiming to be the killer sent coded messages to law enforcement and the media, calling himself 'Zodiac' in his fourth message to the press on August 1969 - which is how journalists coined his nickname.

He would also sign his correspondence off with a circle and a cross over it, seemingly appearing as a target or a coordinate symbol.

The infamous puzzles reportedly revealed an alternate message.

Now, nonprofit Case Breakers claims to have cracked the case, alleging that deceased Air Force veteran, Gary Francis Poste, committed the historic crimes.

Led by investigative journalist Thomas Colbert, the group has claimed Poste is currently listed as a suspect for the infamous San Francisco slayings - and says that the FBI has game-changing DNA evidence to link him to five more murders.

The group first flagged Poste as a suspect in 2021.
Case Breakers

According to a statement from Case Breakers, an anonymous source from the FBI confirmed that Poste - who died in August 2018 - has 'been secretly listed as the Zodiac 'suspect' in Headquarters' computers since 2016.'

They also claim that the Bureau's labs have a 'partial' DNA sample connecting Poste to the serial killings and another murder.

Meanwhile, the FBI's San Fransisco Office told Fox News that the cold case remains 'open and unsolved' - but provided no further updates.

Case Breakers accused the FBI of moving too slowly, ignoring evidence and state laws and succumbing to 'apathy, egos and fear of humiliation'.

The amateur group also claimed the victims' families were 'abandoned', calling for a 'serious review' of the way the case has been handled.

The group's anonymous whistleblower said: "Like cops, federal agents are dealing with huge caseloads, constant training, odd rules and bureaucracy.

"But when someone wearing a badge or uniform works with others to avoid or hide materials, sidestep difficult procedures, or lie about evidence, they're hurting our volunteers and the thousands of families waiting for answers."

Tom and Dawna Colbert.
Case Breakers

Case Breakers - made up of over 40 former law enforcement investigators, journalists and military intelligence officers - previously identified Poste as their prime suspect in 2021.

The group claims to have also obtained their own DNA sample from Poste allegedly handing out weapons and bullets to his 'favourite locals'.

The sleuths want the FBI to test it against evidence in the 1966 killing of Cheri Jo Bates - despite the agency's denial that the 18-year-old's murder is in any way related to the Zodiac killer.

The statement from the FBI's San Fransisco Office said: "Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, and out of respect for the victims and their families, we will not be providing further comment at this time."

Colbert dubbed the statement a 'coverup', adding that it was 'nonsensical for the people that are still waiting.'

UNILAD has reached out to the FBI for comment.

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