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Zelenskyy calls out the seven countries who voted against his speech

Zelenskyy calls out the seven countries who voted against his speech

The Ukrainian president addressed the United Nations and called out the countries that voted against him speaking.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the United Nations and in his speech he called out the seven countries which voted against him speaking.

The decision over whether to allow Zelenskyy to give a remote speech to the UN general assembly had to be put to a vote which passedwith an overwhelming majority.

101 nations voted in favour of letting the president of Ukraine speak, while seven voted against it and a further 19 countries abstained from casting a vote.

Zelenskyy's address thanked the countries which had supported his bid to speak to the UN general assembly while having choice words for those that hadn't wanted him to give a speech.

Calling out the nations by name, he said they were countries that 'respond to principles with a red button', saying they were 'afraid' for him to give a speech.

He said: "I want to thank the 101 countries that voted for my video address to take place.

"It was a vote not only about the format. It was the vote about principles. Only seven countries voted against: Belarus, Cuba, North Korea, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Russia and Syria."

"Seven. Seven who are afraid of the video address. Seven who respond to principles with a red button. Only seven. One hundred and one, and seven."

Many delegations rose to applaud Zelenskyy's speech.
United Nations

The speech received a standing ovation after Zelenskyy was done speaking, the Russian delegation did not walk out in protest but did not rise to their feet.

Zelenskyy's wife Olena Zelenska was present at the general assembly, having represented her husband at the Queen's funeral.

The Ukrainian president has not left his country since Putin's invasion and has vowed that he would not flee in the face of Russian aggression.

For almost seven months Zelenskyy has led his country in the face of Russian invasion, with Ukrainian forces recently pushed back Putin's troops in a series of successful counter-attacks, and the Russian leader has announced a partial mobilisation, calling up around 300,000 reservists for the war.

Those with army experience who are medically able to fight are going to be put into the conflict, though many Russians seem unenthusiastic about being sent into the war.

Olena Zelenska, Ukraine's first lady, was present at the UN general assembly.
United Nations

Google searches for 'how to break my arm' shot up in Russia, while flights out of the pariah state have sold out as people look to get as far away from being conscripted into the war as possible.

Footage on social media has emerged showing Russians protesting against Putin's mobilisation being arrested and loaded onto buses.

Putin also threatened to deploy nuclear weapons if Ukraine's counter attack posed a danger to the 'territorial integrity' of Russia.

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Featured Image Credit: United Nations

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