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Hotel worker sees ‘darker side of humanity’ as he exposes secret sex parties of the mega rich

Hotel worker sees ‘darker side of humanity’ as he exposes secret sex parties of the mega rich

He opened up about the dark secrets of the wealthy elite

A hotel operations manager has revealed the dark secrets of the elite rich guests who have passed through his lobby.

Speaking with a mask on to conceal his identity, the anonymous whistleblower divulged details of hedonistic parties that saw rooms getting trashed and faeces being flung.

This behaviour sounds more like the type of stuff you would see at the zoo, and the manager would agree with that assessment, claiming the behaviour he saw 'wasn't human'.

His insights came during an interview with Vice about the debaucherous behaviour he witnessed during his time as a Front of House manager.

Coming right out of the gate with some shocking revelations, the worker said: "The hotel industry is a wild experience that helps you understand how disconnected the wildly wealthy are.

"I've seen the darker side of humanity – suicides, murders, spousal abuse, human trafficking – that stays with you for a long time."

He even recalled that one weekend, a group of wealthy customers – around 60 people – rented out the whole hotel.

Yep, a whole hotel, which set them back £250,000 for two days.

And what debauched activity is best done among large groups of people in a private space? A wild orgy would certainly top the list.

Still, the hotel manager was far from celebrating when he saw the guests had left 'a nightmare room', which included blood, faeces and semen.

And on a separate occasion, the staff noticed that something was wrong with the shower in one of the rooms.

The hotel manager opened up about what secretly happens behind closed doors.

When the manager headed up to investigate, he made a jaw dropping discovery - the shower head had been sawed off and a four-foot-long anal probe hose had been attached.

In addition to their ransacking of the rooms, the wealthy aren't too keen on treating hotel staff decently and often, the worker and his colleagues would only be tipped around $20 each.

The manager said: "The higher up that price value, the more common it is to be treated like you're less than human.

"The people who are coming to visit you – famous pop stars, Russian oligarchs – they have a private plane that they get on, a private vehicle with all tinted blocked out windows, sometimes they have security squads [and] they'll snap their fingers at them.

"Very large sense of entitlement where if they approach the desk they are the only thing that exists to you at that moment and that's what they came to expect from that level of entering a luxury hotel."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Vice

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