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A man spent 25 years in the desert carving out sandstone caves and it's hard to believe what's inside

A man spent 25 years in the desert carving out sandstone caves and it's hard to believe what's inside

This takes man cave to a whole new level.

A man who spent 25 years isolated from the world reveals the inside of the astonishing caves he created.

Artist, Ra Paulette, and his dog, have spent over two decades away from the outside world, creating sandstone artwork in the Northern deserts of New Mexico.

The artist spent all of his time carving the most intricate and delicate designs into the walls of the caves and turning it into art.

After a quarter of a century scraping at the sandstone, he was finally ready to reveal his work, and it is nothing short of an outstanding masterpiece.

PH/ Ra Paulette

Commenting on the amount of time he spent on it, he said: “When you are doing something you love, and are drawn to it, you want to do it all the time.”

He has named the process of his art creation the ‘dance of digging’, and it’s not a secret to anyone after looking at the images, why it took Ra so long to unveil.

The inspiration for the carved walls of the cave comes from the natural light that shines into them during the day.

He hopes, when people look at and experience his work, that they find ‘at least a moment or a length of time in which they had a deeper feeling and deeper understanding of themselves and life’.

It sounds as though Ra is one on his own, and is the only person ever to take on such an enormous but rewarding project, but that…is where you would be incorrect.

PH/ Ra Paulette

Angelo Mastropietro spent nearly £200K turning a 250-million-year-old cave into his house. Sounds cool but how sturdy is it Angelo?!

And believe it or not, the cave has all the same furnishings and facilities you would find in any other home.

After spending 1,000 hours on the project, it was finished with a functioning kitchen, bedroom, fresh running water, UNDERGROUND heating and…WIFI!

Room for a little one Angelo? Because this sounds dreamy.

This cave however, is situated in the UK.

It can be found in Wyre Forest, Worcestershire, and he has named it the Rockhouse Retreat.

After living in Australia and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2007, he decided that he would pour his heart into the new project which he bought initially for £62K.

Now £62K is a LOT of money, don’t get us wrong, but you can’t even buy a house for that, nevermind a whole cave?!

We might take a leaf out of your book Angelo.

Featured Image Credit: PH / Ra Paulette

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