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People disgusted after seeing items Playboy Mansion is auctioning off to buyers

People disgusted after seeing items Playboy Mansion is auctioning off to buyers

Items from the Playboy founder's notorious mansion are up for auction and some have even already been sold.

Items from Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's estate are up for sale and the auction is causing quite the stir online.

In recent years, multiple former bunnies from Hefner's Playboy mansion have come forward to speak out about the notorious publisher - whether it be his ex-girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson claiming her 'whole' life was 'messed up' by mansion life or Holly Madison saying she doesn't mourn Hefner, who died in 2017 at the age of 91.

Despite the controversy which has enshrouded Hefner, items from his Playboy mansion have since been listed in an auction collection online, amassing multiple bids and some already bought.

And just wait until you see some of the 'memorabilia' on sale.

Listed on Julien's Auctions - a privately held auction house based in Beverly Hills, California - members of the public have been invited to bid on pages of items from the Playboy mansion or from the late Hefner's own collection.

Items include artwork by the likes of Alberto Vaargas, Joan Miro and Keith Haring, alongside sculptural pieces by artists such as George Suyeoka.

However, it's not just paintings and sculptures that have been put up for sale on Julien's Auctions website.

Some of Hugh Hefner's outfits are on sale.
Julien's Auctions

Also on sale is Hefner's 'circular Playboy mansion bed' - and not only that, but the bed has already, at the time of writing, had three bids on it, with the starting bid having come in at $500 and the current bid a whopping $1,000.


The item is set to sell at an estimated $2,000-$3,000, however with 11 bids on Hefner's pyjamas set already, the item is already currently on $6,000.

Hefner's Playboy bed is listed too.
Julien's Auctions

Oh, and hard luck if you fancied getting your hands on any of Hefner's baby oil - yes, you heard that right - because the Playboy founder's personalised bottle of the stuff has already been sold for $1,250 after receiving six whole bids.

The baby oil is just one of nine whole pages on the site of Hefner products already sold, including other items such as a book titled Highlights in the sex life of Hugh Hefner,' a Holy Bible and Ordained Minister card with the publisher's name on and a 'branding iron'.

And it's not taken long for social media users to flood online to weigh in on the items.

Hefner's personalised oil is there too.
Julien's Auctions

Taking to Reddit thread r/popculturechat, a user named u/galazystars1 has shared some of the 'more interesting' items from the auction including the bed, oil and branding iron.

U/saygirlie wrote: "Um excuse me.. branding iron!?!"

"Who tf is buying Hugh Hefner’s bed? There’s probably so much DNA absorbed into it that it could reform into a new Hugh like the T-1000 in Terminator 2," u/thejohncc added.

I don't even want to know.
Julien's Auctions

U/LordyIHopeThereIsPie wrote: "I feel gross even looking at these items."

And u/Ok_Jaquar1601 resolved: "Who is buying this nonsense and how can we lock them up?"

UNILAD has contacted Playboy and Julien's Auctions for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Charley Gallay / Stringer/Julien's

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