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Peter Dutton wants to deport pro-Palestinian protestors in Sydney who are on visas

Peter Dutton wants to deport pro-Palestinian protestors in Sydney who are on visas

The Liberal Party leader says they don't deserve to be in Australia.

Peter Dutton wants to kick any of the pro-Palestinian protestors who marched to the Opera House out of the country if they're on visas.

The Liberal Party leader was one of many who were horrified to see the rally descend into chaotic scenes.

The demonstrators started at Town Hall and marched towards the harbour to show their support to Palestine.

It came in the wake of Hamas militants launching a terror attack on Israel, which has so far killed at least 1,200 people.

They coordinated a land, sea and air assault on key targets and indiscriminately opened fire on civilians as well as Israeli troops.

Hundreds gathered on the steps of the Opera House this week.
Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Israel has now responded with a barrage of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, which has killed at least 1,100 people, displaced hundreds of thousands of resident and destroyed whole neighbourhoods.

The rally was an attempt to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, however it attracted negative attention because flares were thrown onto the steps of the Opera House.

Some demonstrators led horrific chants like 'gas the Jews' and 'f**k Israel', while others burned the Israeli flag.

It all happened just before the sails of the iconic Sydney landmark were lit up in blue and white as a sign of support to Israel.

Police are currently investigating the protest and NSW Premier Chris Minns has banned a second pro-Palestinian rally from taking place in Sydney.

Peter Dutton now wants an investigation into the people who attended the protest.

Dutton told 2GB Radio: "If there were people there who were on visas, they should be identified and have their visas cancelled.

"They should be deported."

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Minns has apologised to the Jewish community that a safe space wasn't provided to them on the night the sails were lit up in Israel's colours.

“I really want to make it clear to the Jewish community that I want to apologise to them specifically, on behalf of the government and myself as the premier of NSW," he said.

"Shouting racial epithets at Jewish community members is not the definition of a peaceful protest.

“The idea they’re going to commandeer Sydney streets is not going to happen and I’m sure the NSW police will make that clear this morning.”

Police have revealed that while they cannot stop people from gathering at Town Hall, they won't be protected if they march through the streets and obstruct traffic.

Featured Image Credit: Martin Ollman/Getty Images. Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

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