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OnlyFans model sparks outrage after filming videos at Disneyland
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OnlyFans model sparks outrage after filming videos at Disneyland

Disneyland isn't just 'where dreams come true' for children anymore - but for adults too.

An OnlyFans model is facing backlash online for filming content while at Disneyland.

Apparently, Disneyland isn't just 'where dreams come true' for children anymore, but for adults too.

TikToker, Luvie Boo, took to the platform to share videos of herself at Disneyland Paris - and Disney fans aren't happy about it.

In the first clip, which was uploaded to TikTok on 31 October, Luvie Boo - who goes by - can be seen wandering around the resort wearing large heeled boots, shiny, skin-tight PVC trousers and a t-shirt which reads: "She wants the D."

In other posts, she also films herself getting onto a vehicle on Main Street, titling the post: "Wanna take a ride with me at Disneyland Paris?"

Another video shows her riding a horse on The Lancelot Carousel, alongside the text: "Come on a magic ride with me."

And another clip, titled 'Follow me through Disneyland Paris', shows the content creator walking through the resort, pulling up her trousers and smiling back the camera.

Rather than follow Luvie Boo, however, some Disney fans have taken to the internet to condemn her actions.

OnlyFans model Luvie Boo posted a series of videos from her time at Disneyland Paris.

Inside the Magic - a website which acts as the largest community of Disney fans in the world - launched a discussion about Luvie Boo's social media posts while at the resort.

In a post uploaded on 2 November, writer Jess Colopy argues: "Though not overtly sexual, the lewd videos taken at Disneyland Park serve as advertisements for the creator’s 'spicy' OnlyFans."

One of the comments on the post reads: "I’m sorry but very sick display.

"There are places to do that and at an amusement park full you children is not one of them."

"Hopefully Paris keeps her over there," another fan added.

And while it's not explicitly against the theme park's rules to take suggestive videos, the OnlyFans model may've actually broken another.

According to Disneyland Paris' website list on the prohibition of any non-authorised commercial activities, point 4.2 states: "Commercial Photography, Videotaping or Recording : Any picture, video, sound recording or photo taken by a visitor in either of the Parks may be used only for personal purposes. All commercial use of pictures, videos, sound recordings or photos of the Parks taken by a visitor shall be subject to express prior written authorisation from Euro Disney Associés S.A.S."

Walt Disney World echoes in its list of prohibited activities: "Photography, videotaping or recording of any kind, or otherwise engaging in any activity, for unapproved commercial purposes."

Subsequently, if Luvie Boo is using her TikTok videos of her time at the park as a way to promote her paid OnlyFans then she may be in violation of the resort's rules.

UNILAD has contacted Luvie Boo and Disneyland Paris for comment.

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