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POV footage of water slide in the Netherlands is leaving people feeling 'claustrophobic'
Featured Image Credit: Reddit/PUTINnTRUMP_arrest

POV footage of water slide in the Netherlands is leaving people feeling 'claustrophobic'

Reddit users were left feeling claustrophobic after watching a video showing a wild water slide ride

Adrenaline junkies will do anything to get a buzz, but what about a trip down this seemingly innocent water slide?

Water parks have been used for years as a way to get out with the whole family. However, you might not want to chuck your child in this one after a video posted to Reddit left users ‘claustrophobic’.

In the clip, you can see a visitor take on this winding ride, only to discover that it’s not ordinary by any means.

As the tunnel starts out normal, it soon takes the person into a pitch-black hole before opening into a neon tube and then an intergalactic water bowl.

But it isn’t finished.

The water slide left commenters feeling claustrophobic.
Reddit/ PUTINnTRUMP_arrest

A bright flash of white blinds viewers in an instant and lights envelop the swimmer until the end of the ride.

Though the video doesn’t mention where the park is, the original poster went on to comment that it is the Hof van Saksen Resort in the Netherlands.

This holiday park is classic luxury, with a range of activities for the whole family, as well as situated in an idyllic area.

Taking a peek at their website shows what the outside of the water park looks like, including a 107 metre long ‘wild water slide’, which this just might be.

Even if TripAdvisor reviewers found the water park to be a fantastic experience, not everyone felt that way after watching the video.

Commenters were quick to point out that the water slide was something out of nightmares, even leaving some to feel claustrophobic.

The Hof van Saksen boasts a 107m wild water ride.
Hof van Saksen

One user commented: “My claustrophobic self could barely breath watching this”.

Another didn’t understand why they watched it in the first place, considering their fear of water slides.

They wrote: “I can't stand these sorts of videos (and yet apparently I'm compelled to comment on them). I was on a very short water slide with a tunnel and I nearly lost it. I definitely won't be going near those things again.”

One person simply summed it up: “That’s a no for me dawg.”

However, there were those that were excited to give it a go themselves.

One Reddit user compared the experience to: “Transcending to another reality”.

Some thought this would be a good place for a 'trip'.
Reddit/ PUTINnTRUMP_arrest

Others thought that, with the use of psychedelics, it would be the perfect ride.

Then, there were those that wanted to crack some jokes, such as someone who claimed to have ‘thought it was toilet bowl at the start....’ while another was promptly reminded that they were ‘due for a colonoscopy’ after watching.

Regardless of whether you think it strangely resembles a medical procedure or an absolute trip, you’ve got the admit, it looks pretty cool.

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