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Man who deliberately 'cut off both legs under train’ for insurance payout given prison sentence
Featured Image Credit: Eric Yang/ETham Photo/Getty Images

Man who deliberately 'cut off both legs under train’ for insurance payout given prison sentence

He was hoping for a €2.8 million payout

We've all heard the phrase 'desperate times call for desperate measures', and this guy is a prime example.

A man, who was simply referred to as Sandor Cs. in the lawsuit due to Hungary's strict privacy rules, was accused of purposefully causing injury to himself for the purpose of a huge insurance payout.

And it wasn't just 'accidentally' chopping off the tip of your finger while cooking, this guy supposedly put himself on train tracks with the intention of a train chopping off his legs.

The mission proved successful and Sandor had to have both legs amputated from the knee down.

The ordeal occurred in 2014, but investigations into the matter didn't conclude until 2021.

It's said he had hopes of getting a €2.8 million ($3,017,300) payout following his life-changing injuries.

Suspicions about Sandor, a resident of the Hungarian village of Nyírcsászári, were raised after he took out 14 high-risk life insurance policies in the year leading up to the incident.

The man hoped to take home millions of euros.
mjrodafotografia/Getty Stock

But he insisted that he was advised to take out such policies after receiving financial advice telling him returns are better on insurance policies than savings accounts.

When his wife went on to claim on him behalf after losing his legs, the insurance companies refused to pay up.

While the insurers questioned if he deliberately put himself onto the tracks, Sandor's lawyers said he stepped on some glass on the train platform, which caused him to lose his balance.

The investigation finally came to a close after the train conductor driving the locomotive changed their story.

Initially they said that Sandor fell in front of the train, but he went on change his mind and claim the man purposely jumped.

The train driver went on to change his story and said the man jumped.
Jozsef Soos/Getty Stock

In the wake of this, Sandor was given a suspended two-year prison sentence.

He was also ordered to bear the legal costs of almost two million, local news outlet Blikk reported at the time.

Speaking after the ruling, he told the publication: "I find the ruling very peculiar, naturally it isn't what I expected, I am disappointed.

"I need to see this through to the end because, as is, this is not right, and the court must feel the same way."

Sandor had worked as a boiler installer before his accident and, following the investigation concluding, shared his hopes of studying law to help so that 'lawyers of multinational companies cannot take advantage of [plaintiffs]' anymore.

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