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Man accused of killing TV presenter Jesse Baird and his partner Luke Davies is cop who posted about luxury lifestyle
Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Instagram

Man accused of killing TV presenter Jesse Baird and his partner Luke Davies is cop who posted about luxury lifestyle

Two bodies have been found in the search for Jesse Baird and Luke Davies

The 28-year-old man who has been accused of killing TV presenter Jesse Baird and his partner Luke Davies is a police officer who has showed off a luxurious lifestyle online.

Senior-Constable Beau Lamarre-Condon was charged with murders of Baird and Davies after they went missing in Sydney, Australia last week.

A manhunt began after clothes and items belonging to Baird and Davies were found in a skip, and police confirmed today (27 February) they had found two bodies in the search for the couple near a property two hours south of Sydney.

Karen Webb, Commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force, shared the update on the case and said the discovery was made with information provided by Lamarre-Condon.

Police have claimed Lamarre-Condon, who was in a relationship with Baird which ended late last year, had previously refused to cooperate but eventually spoke to police after receiving advice from a lawyer.

Lamarre-Condon's Instagram page has now been deleted, but screenshots from his account show how he appeared to enjoy an extravagant lifestyle, which involved travelling in private planes.

Beau Lamarre-Condon has been charged with both murders.

The police officer shared pictures of himself with a Hermès bag, which are known to cost thousands of dollars, and travelling Europe while seemingly staying in fancy hotels.

As well as living his own lavish lifestyle, Lamarre-Condon enjoyed getting close to other fancy figures as a celebrity-chaser.

Through the hobby, he managed to secure photos of himself with the likes of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Ben Stiller.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, a former police officer who knew Lamarre-Condon during their time training at the police academy said his ability to fund his expensive lifestyle did raise questions among his colleagues.

Jesse Baird worked for Network 10.

"When we were making friends at the academy and adding each other on socials, [we saw] he had photos on his social media of him with Louis Vuitton bags and the like - photos with red carpets and him in a private jet," they said.

The former officer expressed belief Lamarre-Condon's family had come from an affluent background, though she claimed he told others he was an 'influencer or blogger'.

Another former acquaintance added: "'He was always quite secretive about where the money came from. There were rumours he must have had a rich boyfriend."

After the bodies were found in the search, Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty commented: "We will allege he [Lamarre-Condon] acted alone and he is the sole person responsible for the murders of Luke and Jesse.

Baird and his partner Luke Davies.

"We will allege he is the sole person responsible for placing the bodies of Luke and Jesse at the current location.

"Today it's obviously a mixed emotion for the families - very sad day for them and we pass our condolences on to the Davies and the Baird families."

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