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Man accused of cable-tying three children in shocking viral video explains why he did it

Man accused of cable-tying three children in shocking viral video explains why he did it

Australian man allegedly 'physically restrained' the three children before police found them 'scared and crying' outside the property

Warning: Graphic Content

A tradesman has given an explanation for allegedly tying three children's wrists together with cable ties in shocking viral video.

The Australian business owner has given the reason behind the drastic action of cable-tying three Aboriginal children's wrists together and 'refusing to let them go' as a family member helplessly looked on in horror.

Mat Radelic has been arrested for three counts of aggravated assault by Western Australia Police for restraining the girl, six, and boys aged seven and eight.

Radelic made a call to police on Tuesday (5 March) to report the children swimming in the pool of his parents home and 'causing damage' to the garden, however, police arrested him on arrival to the property after discovering the children detained outside the property.

The 45-year-old claimed he had to take 'drastic measures' to stop the children from playing in the pool within the vacant property as it had 'happened up to six times.'

"They are on my property. It's not the first time - six times [this has happened]," he said.

The children were found crying outside the property. Credit:Facebook
The children were found crying outside the property. Credit:Facebook

A horrified family member of the children filmed the incident and tried to rescue them but said they were 'pushed back' by Radelic, who insisted on waiting for police to arrive.

"When we tried to walk in there to get them he pushed me and my mum out of the yard," she told the West Australian.

She shared: "When we pulled up there, and when that man was pushing me out of the gate... the little (eight-year-old) boy snapped the cable ties with his hands and then he just jumped over the fence and ran down the road.

"'It was just upsetting, we were so angry with him, and were just shouting at him, telling him to let them go but he just didn't want to listen to us."

The man gave an explanation for his shocking actions.

As police arrived two children were still restrained but one of the boys managed to escape and flee the scene.

Police confirmed that the man used force 'to restrain' the three children which 'was not proportionate given their age and vulnerability'.

The state's children's commissioner, Jacqueline McGowan-Jones, expressed her shock after seeing the video footage taken of the call.

"It would appear these are very young and small children. They appear to be quite frightened in the circumstances. He is quite a large man. And they appear to be very nervous," She said.

Radelic has a court date set for the 25th March to face the charges given.

Featured Image Credit: Groonug0.1/TikTok

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