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Woman Who Got Revenge On Ex Accused Of Setting Fire To Wrong House

Woman Who Got Revenge On Ex Accused Of Setting Fire To Wrong House

The man who's house it was had no idea who she was.

A revenge-seeking woman on an ex-partner has been accused of setting fire to the wrong house.

According to WBTV, the woman - identified as Christie Louise Jones - was a spurned lover who wanted to get some pretty extreme criminal revenge against an ex-boyfriend.

However, it seems that it wasn't her ex who suffered her wrath, but some complete random who found himself unwittingly drawn into her clearly very heated plan for revenge.

In their report, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said that the bizarre yet potentially fatal incident took place in North Carolina and occurred early Friday morning (22 July) when the homeowner woke up having been alerted by a neighbour that a woman was attempting to set his house ablaze.

Christie Louise Jones started her plan early morning on Friday, 22 July.
Rowan Sheriff's Office

The startled homeowner raced to get a garden hose and discovered burning pieces of wood encircling a propane tank on his front porch. Unfortunately for him, Jones had already counted on him trying to put the fire out with his hose and had allegedly used Flex Seal to block it.

The homeowner than confronted Jones with his rifle after finding her holding the leash to one of his dogs, according to authorities.

As first responders arrived on the scene she 'just mumbled' before driving off, brushing the bewildered man with her car as she sped by him.

The mistake was possibly made because a former boyfriend of Jones owned property in the neighbourhood, a witness claimed. As a result, there's a fair suspicion she actually had her eyes on the wrong house.

Still, what a way to double down when confronted by the guy who emphatically was not her former boyfriend.

Deputies have said there is no evidence that the homeowner and Jones knew each other.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt from the blaze.

They went to the house where Jones lived and talked with her before charging her with felony first-degree arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and larceny of an animal. The bond was set at $101,500 although apparently, more charges are possible.

Deputies estimate the damage to the home and pool to be $20,000.

Presumably the person she actually wanted to get revenge on is blissfully unaware of all of this.

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Featured Image Credit: Rowan Sheriff's Office/Jamie Hooper/Alamy Stock Photo

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