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Woman Who Creates Meals From Dumpsters Eating 'Healthier Than Before'

Woman Who Creates Meals From Dumpsters Eating 'Healthier Than Before'

A TikToker has revealed how she makes meals out of food she finds in dumpsters.

A TikToker has revealed how she makes meals out of food she finds in dumpsters.

L&D Travel nurse and Vancouver resident Jillian Phillips, who describes herself as a 'human racoon,' uses the platform to give followers an insight into her dumpster diving.

In several videos, Jillian demonstrates what sort of meals she makes after finding ingredients in dumpsters, resolving that she 'eat[s] healthier than [she] did before'.

However, not everyone has been left convinced.

Jillian (@jillian_rn4) has amassed over 100,000 followers and millions of likes, with many fascinated over her so-called 'Trash food'.

In her latest video, the TikToker explains how her girlfriend fancied vegan tacos.

While collecting some lettuce from her own back garden, Jillian noted how she stopped by at a dumpster at a grocery store in Tennessee.

She said: "I got some really good produce. So I'm going to use this as well as some stuff I found in the garden to make tonight's food."

A TikToker reveals what she discovered in her last dumpster dive to use to make vegan tacos.
@jillian_rn4/ TikTok

While the initial thought of retrieving your food out of a bin may not appeal, the turmeric, beetroots, peppers, onion and chickpeas Jillian uses in the video look vibrant, fresh and nothing short of delicious.

"I was so excited when I found these radishes in the dump, because they were in perfect condition," she noted.

Everything included in the meal - bar the beans - Jillian stated had been found in a dumpster or her garden, including the avocado, olive oil, cilantro, vegan cream cheese and garlic she whizzed together to make a dressing which she regarded as the 'best part' of the meal.

Jillian then made tortillas, ladened them up with the ingredients from both the dump dive and her garden, and delivered them to a 'very, very happy' girlfriend.

Using ingredients found in a dumpster as well as some from her garden, Jillian explained how she probably eats healthier now sourcing most of her food from dumpsters.
@jillian_rn4/ TikTok

In another video, Jillian explains that since she started dumpster diving she thinks she eats 'healthier than [she] did before'.

"I drink a fresh fruit smoothie probably every day, because the food I find most is typically fruit that is just a tiny bit too ripe for purchasers, maybe there's a bruise or too, but it's great for a smoothie," she noted.

Jillian's videos have amassed hundreds of thousands of views and likes, however many have flooded to the comment divided over her approach to making her free meals.

One user spoke out in support of Jillian's dumpster diving. "So much food gets thrown out and there’s nothing wrong with it," they reflected.

Another was concerned with the quality and safety of the food, warning about the food Jillian finds not being 'fresh' and being 'thrown away for a reason'.

However, a third explained they work at a grocery store themselves, confirming that stores 'honestly throw stuff that's not even expired or bad'.

They concluded: "So I mean I honestly don't see anything wrong with this. Go you!"

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jillian_rn4

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