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Woman survives bear attack by punching it on the nose

Woman survives bear attack by punching it on the nose

A wildlife expert thinks her brave actions could have saved her life

A woman survived a black bear attack by punching the animal in the nose, prompting it to flee. And if I was her, I’d be dining out on that story for many years to come.

The unnamed woman was attacked from behind after she let her dog out in Leavenworth, a village located in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, on Saturday morning.

The adult, female black bear charged at the woman while her was back was turned, knocking her to the ground, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said. You can check out a similar attack here:

Wildlife biologist Rich Beausoleil told KING-TV: “She didn’t see it coming so she could not make herself big, clap her hands, you know, yell at the bear, wave her arms.

“Those are the things we usually tell people to do.”

However, without any prior warning to the attack, and after being knocked to the floor, the woman decided fighting back was her only option and Beausoleil thinks that might have saved her life.

He went on: “If the bear knocks you down, then yes, your solution is to fight.

“It was just instinct for her. She just turned around and popped it right in the nose.”

A black bear the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.
Lee Rentz/Alamy Stock Photo

After being socked clean in the snout, the bear ‘shook’ before seemingly realising she’d bitten off more than she could chew and running off.

The woman was taken to hospital to be treated for her injuries, which are not life-threatening.

The bear was found by wildlife officials near where the attack happened later the day and was killed.

Fish and Wildlife Captain Mike Jewell said his officers had no choice but to kill the bear.

He said: “Public safety is our priority. Our officers and staff were quick to mobilise to locate the animal and secure the scene.

“We are extremely thankful that the victim is receiving medical care from this unfortunate encounter.”

People are advised to make loud noises and 'fight back' when facing a charging black bear.
Lee Rentz/Alamy Stock Photo

Two black bear cubs were also spotted nearby and were carefully captured and taken to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Just last week, shocking footage surfaced of the moment a mountain climber scaling Japan's Mount Futago came face-to-face with an angry black bear.

Much like the woman in Washington, the climber also took the opportunity to punch the animal on the nose before swinging more punches and kicking at the bear as she furiously snapped her jaws.

After 30 seconds or so of fighting for his life, the bear ran off with a cub appearing from the scrub to follow its mum.

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Featured Image Credit: Margocat / Ian Rutherford / Alamy

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