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Woman shares chilling advice her father gave her if she was ever abducted

Woman shares chilling advice her father gave her if she was ever abducted

A woman has shared some advice her dad gave her over what to do if she was ever abducted.

A woman has shared some chilling advice her father gave her for what to do if she was abducted.

Abduction is one of the most terrifying crimes which can be committed, leaving families unsure whether their loved ones are dead and unable to fully grieve as they are struck with uncertainty.

General advice for avoiding abduction is to do whatever it takes to get away from the threat and do everything possible not to be taken to a second location, the place the kidnapper is trying to take you.

One woman has shared advice her father gave her on dealing with an abduction, including a chilling warning to resort to extreme measures to thwart the kidnapper.

Posting the video to her account, TikTokker @kayakingmomma revealed the advice her father had given her on how to deal with an attempted abduction.

The advice her dad gave her on dealing with attempted abductors attempting to get into her car and kidnap her was for her to buckle up and crash the vehicle as hard as she could.

According to his advice you should look for the nearest hard object like a telephone pole and crash into it, trusting the seatbelt to save you while subjecting the would-be abductor to the full force of the crash.

A TikTokker revealed some chilling advice in case someone gets into your car and tries to abduct you.

Chillingly, the advice if she couldn't get her seatbelt on was the same, to crash the car and run a much greater risk of dying or sustaining a serious injury rather than being taken away.

Plenty of other women left comments agreeing with the advice, morbid as it was, and saying that their own families had told them to do the same thing.

One person wrote that it was 'better to be dead than taken' as there's 'no telling what horrors will happen after'.

Another said it was 'better to fight even if it takes you out', while a third person said a police officer had told them the same thing.

The chilling advice was to crash the car as soon as possible in the event of a kidnapping.

Some said they'd been given different advice, explaining that they'd been told if an abductor ever got into their car then they should 'jump out regardless of how fast' they were going.

Another said they'd been told to shout 'fire' rather than 'help' as the first one was more likely to get a person's attention and get eyes on the situation as soon as possible.

Many others shared stories of times men had tried to get into their cars and abduct them, underlining the depressing need for people to be given such chilling advice.

Others said they'd given this advice to their own daughters, telling them they could 'replace the car but not her'.

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Featured Image Credit: @kayakingmomma/TikTok

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