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Wildfires Rage Through Europe Causing 'Post-Apocalyptic' Scenes

Wildfires Rage Through Europe Causing 'Post-Apocalyptic' Scenes

As heatwaves continue to spark wildfires across Europe, one local resident has described the scenes in her French city as 'post-apocalyptic'

As a heatwave continues to spark wildfires across Europe, a Bordeaux resident has described the scenes in the French city as ‘post-apocalyptic’.

Soaring temperatures caused by climate change have caused flames to sweep certain parts of Portugal, France, Turkey and Spain, destroying everything in their path.

Two infernos broke out in France on Tuesday (12 July) forcing thousands to flee their homes.

Ten water-bomber aircrafts and 1,000 firefighters tackled infernos in Gironde where 7,300 hectares have already been scorched. 

As a heatwave continues to spark wildfires across Europe.

Planes that were supposed to be displayed during Thursday's (14 July) Bastille Day parade in Paris had to be diverted to Bordeaux where they were used to try and extinguish fires, according to MailOnline

Describing the horrific scenes, local resident Karyn told Le Figaro: “I've never seen it and it really feels like it's post-apocalyptic, it's falling everywhere, on cars, it's worrying.”

The first of the Gironde fires was ignited near the town of Landiras. 4,200 hectares were burnt, roads were closed and almost 1,000 people were evacuated. 

The second fire in the region turned 3,100 hectares to a crisp and was located close to Europe’s tallest sand dune, Dune du Pilat.

Black smoke was seen billowing into the air and about 6,000 people had to be evacuated from nearby campsites on Wednesday, with a further 4,000 being told to leave on Thursday. 

Also on Thursday, a third wildfire broke out near the southeastern town of Tarascon, tearing through at least 1,000 hectares. The blaze has since been ‘stabilised’.

In Portugal, over 3,000 firefighters battled flames alongside ordinary citizens in a desperate attempt to save their homes from the 13 wildfires that engulfed part of the country. 

Soaring temperatures caused by climate change are the main culprit.

Not only have extreme temperatures and drought conditions fanned the flames, but the country also recorded its hottest July in 27 years this month, with the mercury hitting 47C.

Half of Portugal has been placed under an extreme weather alert while Spain’s meteorological agency has also issued heatwave warnings. 

In the west of the country, more than 5,000 hectares have been lost to wildfires and highways have been closed down in the affected area, which is located between Extremadura and Salamanca.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, over 3,000 people have been evacuated because of a wildfire in the Datca peninsula, located in the south-west.

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