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Waitress in shock after receiving $2,200 tip

Waitress in shock after receiving $2,200 tip

Tayler Sullivan, who works at Delano’s Diner in Wichita, was recently serving a table of 22 when her shift took an incredible turn

A waitress in Kansas received an unexpected surprise when she was working over the Christmas period, having been handed the biggest tip of her life – more than $2,000, to be precise.

Tayler Sullivan, who works at Delano’s Diner in Wichita, was recently serving a table of 22 when her shift took an incredible turn.

The time came for them to pay up, at which point the group told her they’d be paying all together rather than individually – always a relief for anyone having to process the payment.

But the good news didn’t stop there, as the table also revealed they’d be passing on a festive gift so that Sullivan could ‘enjoy’ her Christmas.

After everyone individually chipped in $100, the group ended up giving her an incredible $2,200 tip.

Tayler Sullivan is a server at Delano's Diner.

Speaking to KAKE News, she said: "It was time for them to pay and I asked how they were going to do their checks and they said they will be all together.

“Then I bring the check over and all the family, friends started whipping out their phones... and they got out a large amount of money.”

Sullivan recalled how they told her that every year, during the Christmas holidays, each of the group always brings out $100.

She couldn't believe it when the group gave her $2,200 in tips.

"’And so we are gonna let you keep all the money,’” she quoted them telling her.

“’It's 22 of us and we all brought $100, so that's $2,200 for you to take home... and we hope you enjoy your Christmas and that everything goes well.’”

Having been a server at Delano’s for the past four years, the employee is used to small tips each day but nothing could ever come close to what she got that day.


Naturally, Sullivan couldn’t believe what had happened to her, and it took some time to process her mammoth tip.

Sullivan continued: "I was shocked most of the day. I was in disbelief until it was time to come home and I was taking a large amount of money more than I ever take home and working in customer service...

“You never expect that amount of money coming in at a table. And with them giving me that... it's helped a lot.”

She explained that she decided to share some of the money with her colleagues at the diner, so that they could also enjoy their Christmases.

Delano's Diner in Wichita, Kansas.

“I ended up tipping everyone here at the diner part of the money,” she said.

“I work with them every day.

“They're like my family. I [wanted] them to have a good Christmas as well, even if it was only just a little bit.”

As for what she plans to spent the money on for herself, she added: “I'm gonna save it for a new car or moving."

Featured Image Credit: GMA

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