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Server goes off on customers who sat at table for 6 hours and only left 10% tip

Server goes off on customers who sat at table for 6 hours and only left 10% tip

A restaurant server has taken to TikTok to vent her anger about customers during a recent shift.

An angry restaurant server has taken to social media to express her annoyance at customers who sat at table for six hours and only left a 10 percent tip.

Kristina Withers has gone viral on TikTok after she uploaded a video of herself explaining a frustrating shift. Watch the anger fest below:

In the video, Kristina vents her frustration at two customers who spent a bit too long in the restaurant, with the server clearly not impressed with the tip she received at the end of the night.

She starts the video by explaining that the customers had already been at the restaurant since 3pm and were still sitting there when she started work at 5:30pm.

The server was told by a colleague that they had already served the couple and cashed them out by the time Kristina turned up for her shift.

"They were fine, they were chilling," Kristina said of the customers.

"They were good to go. Cashed out, no worries."

After over an hour of not ordering any food or drink, Kristina was approached by the customers to ask who was serving them because they wanted to order some drinks and another dinner - someone has got a big appetite.

Kristina was evidently still angry with the customers.
Kristina Withers/ TikTok

Kristina says that by that time her colleague had clocked off for the night, so she decided to take the couple's order.

Kristina then explains how she thought she'd get the customers 'in and out' but she was very wrong.

The TikToker said the couple ordered a taco plate each and also a couple of drinks - with the man ordering another drink for himself after they had eaten the food.

Come 10pm, Kristina's shift is approaching its end and the restaurant is set to close for the night, but - you guessed it - the couple were the last ones standing.

Kristina said: "The best part though, the very best part? They didn’t even tip 20 percent.

"They were my only table. Like, I know I was giving them great service—probably overly good service because, again, they were my only table."

The couple did leave a 10 percent tip for the server, but Kristina was not impressed.

"So if you’re going to go sit in a restaurant for six fucking hours, there should be like a f****** table fee," she said.

The server was not impressed with the tip.
Eric Farrelly / Alamy Stock Photo

"$5 [per] f****** hour if you’re sitting there not drinking and not buying anything - It’s a f****** joke."

Viewers in the comment section to the TikTok were equally bemused by the couple's restaurant behaviours.

One person said: "who sits at a restaurant for 6 hours?"

And a second added: "Like WHAT were they doing for six hours???"

Featured Image Credit: @krisswith/TikTok

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