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Waitress calls out family-of-three's 'small tip' after they placed $184 order just minutes before closing

Waitress calls out family-of-three's 'small tip' after they placed $184 order just minutes before closing

The furious server took to TikTok to opened up about the experience

A furious waitress has shared an account of a family's behavior while she was on the closing shift.

Working in the service industry is an extremely tough gig, with long unsociable hours, low pay, and having to deal with unhappy customers while maintaining composure.

The server took to TikTok to call out the customers. (TikTok/@whatsthatmeen)
The server took to TikTok to call out the customers. (TikTok/@whatsthatmeen)

And like any public-facing role, being a waiter means that you are often on the receiving end of people who are in a less than pleasant mood.

Or worse yet, when someone shows open contempt for someone who works in the service industry, whether it's by being rude, disrespectful, or not tipping.

While many countries around the world are different, if you live in the US then tipping is effectively mandatory.

And this is only compounded if a party comes in just before a restaurant is due to shut for the day, as staff will be doing the many closing up jobs.

Waitress Gina was left furious after a family did just that, and then didn't leave a 'proper tip'.

Gina was left furious by the group. (TikTok/@whatsthatmeen)
Gina was left furious by the group. (TikTok/@whatsthatmeen)

Taking to TikTok, she explained that the family-of-three had placed a $184 order, so quite a big one for the kitchen, minutes before they had been due to close up.

In the video, she said: "It was a mom, a dad and a kid - and they each sat there having a full conversation with whoever the hell they were talking to.

"Me and my trainee kept going right up to the table saying, 'Hey guys, are you guy ready?' - and they are just ignoring us as if we are not standing in front of them. Just blatant disrespect."

"When they finally do decide to order, it takes a solid 10 minutes to do so and only of two them ordered," Gina said before adding: "I was standing there like, 'Is this real life?'"

In the end, she told how the table had paid in cash in which they bizarrely used five twenties and 86 single dollar bills.

But perhaps the biggest problem for Gina was that after all of that, the family tipped just $2 on their $184 bill.

With a standard 20 percent tip, this should have equated to $36.80.

Gina said: "I gave you bread to-go. I gave you drinks to-go. You did not get bad service because me and my trainee did not let you know that we were annoyed."

She added: "It will never not infuriate me when it happens. Treating your server that way is just a blatant disrespect for your fellow human.

"As you walked out the restaurant did it feel good to you? Did you feel OK doing that?"

People shared their support for the server in the comments, with one writing: "I will die on this hill."

While another added: "The people who come in close to closing = THE WORST TIPPERS."

Featured Image Credit: whatsthatmeen/TikTok

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