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Terrifying footage captures moment UPS driver is carjacked at gunpoint while making delivery
Featured Image Credit: FOX 5 Washington DC

Terrifying footage captures moment UPS driver is carjacked at gunpoint while making delivery

The UPS driver can be heard on the Ring doorbell footage saying they 'just pulled out a gun on' her

An armed carjacking of a UPS driver's truck has been caught on a Ring doorbell camera.

On Thursday (November 9), police were called to a newly developed neighbourhood in Elk Avenue, Glenarden, Prince George's County, Maryland at around 2pm after a driver working for UPS had her delivery van stolen.

The UPS driver had been delivering packages when she was surrounded by a group of people who 'pulled a gun out on' her.

UPS delivery drivers may be able to make $42-an-hour, but it certainly doesn't make up for this.

In footage obtained by FOX 5 Washington DC from a Ring doorbell camera opposite where the incident took place, the delivery driver can be seen on the sidewalk with packages in her arms, staring at the truck as it pulls away from the kerb and drives away.

After the suspects - reported as being a group of people - make off with the truck, the Ring doorbell camera picks up on the UPS driver picking up the phone to report the incident, stating: "They just pulled a gun out on me."

Police report the driver was not harmed in the incident.

And at the time of FOX 5's reporting on November 10, no arrests had yet been made.

A Ring doorbell camera picked up the moment the UPS truck was stolen.
FOX 5 Washington DC

A local told FOX 5 Washington DC he originally believed there was a couple outside arguing.

That was until he had a peek through his camera, and realised there was a truck-jacking taking place.

The neighbour said: "It's very brazen in the middle of the day, knowing that most of the homes have cameras, to do that right in front of everybody's house that has front view cameras.

"It's a little unnerving and you hope things do get a little better.

"Maybe it's the climate. Maybe things will improve soon. But it's unfortunate, you have to really watch your back."

The neighbour later told the outlet the truck was allegedly discovered abandoned not far from where the footage took place.

In the recording, the driver says the suspects 'pulled a gun out' on her.
FOX 5 Washington DC

A spokesperson for UPS told FOX 5: "We are aware of the incident involving a UPS truck and we're cooperating with the investigation."

UNILAD has contacted UPS and Prince George's County Police department for comment.

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