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Six-year-old who began reading aged one becomes one of Mensa's youngest members

Six-year-old who began reading aged one becomes one of Mensa's youngest members

Chandler Hughes jumped ahead of his classmates after revealing his intelligence

A young boy from the US has big plans for his future after he joined the prestigious Mensa club at just six years old.

Chandler Hughes, who lives with his family in Texas, had barely even reached toddler status when he started reading at just one year and nine months.

While other kids just about got to grips with standing on their own two feet and babbling out their first words in pre-kindergarten, Chandler finished on a second grade reading and math level, according to his dad.

Having already exceeded expectations for his age, Chandler skipped kindergarten altogether and went straight into first grade.

Now six years old, Chandler is a member of Mensa; an organization with around 150,000 members who all have one thing in common - they all score within the upper two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test.

Members include engineers, homemakers, teachers, actors, athletes, students, and CEOs, according to the Mensa website, with those in the organization reaching up to 106 years old.

Chandler began reading before he reached 2 years old.
NBC News Now

The youngest Mensa member is just two years old, making Chandler one of the most junior Americans in the organization.

The youngster is exceptionally book smart, but his dad is now hoping to work on Chandler's socialization skills to help him continue to succeed in life.

"He's in a great environment where his teachers, his peers all support him," his dad said.

Chandler also has his own plans for the future, as he revealed he wants to be a doctor when he's older.

He clarified: "A medical doctor, because I want to help people when they are sick."

News of Chandler's induction into Mensa comes after a two-year-old from Kentucky became the youngest member of American Mensa.

Chandler has hopes to become a doctor.
NBC News Now

Isla McNabb, from Crestwood, tested in the 99th percentile for the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales.

According to her parents, Jason and Amanda McNabb, Isla began learning her colors, numbers and the alphabet at one year old.

The couple decided to enrol Isla in Mensa so they could connect with other parents who have gifted children.

American Mensa states that an estimated six million Americans are eligible for membership, with more than 200 accepted, standardized intelligence tests available to qualify.

Activities and resources available for members include tours, guest speakers, parties and 'entertaining, intellectually stimulating events', as well as local get-togethers, regional and national gatherings, and online communities.

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