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Two-Year-Old Genius Becomes Mensa's Youngest Member

Two-Year-Old Genius Becomes Mensa's Youngest Member

Mensa's youngest ever member is a child genius aged just two years old.

A two-year-old girl genius from Kentucky has become the youngest ever member of Mensa.

Only a toddler, young Isla McNabb is in the top one percent of smartest people in the world and looks set for a future as a child genius.

According to the Washington Post, Jason and Amanda McNabb decided to get their daughter's IQ tested after she started naming objects around the house with toy letters.

She was able to accurately label chairs, the sofa and the TV, as well as spelling out C-A-T next to the family tabby Booger.

One downside is that highly intelligent children apparently tends to sleep a little bit less than other kids, meaning Isla's parents tend to be quite tired thanks to their toddler.

While at first they were worried their daughter wasn't getting enough sleep, now they face the 'disheartening' prospect of very early mornings on a regular basis.

Mensa members must pass an IQ test and show they're in the smartest 2% of the population to join.

Jason told the Post there were a few 'creepy moments' where he began to realise just how clever his daughter might be.

Already adept with the alphabet, Isla demonstrated an incredible ability to sound out letters by herself.

Her parents decided to test her further by trying out words, first teaching her how to say each letter then giving her words and seeing if she could put all the letters together and get the sound of the word right.

Isla sailed through that test, naming various colours even though her parents were sure she'd struggle to say 'orange' correctly the first time.

She quickly picked up hundreds of words and is able to read now, which is a skill most kids don't pick up until they're about six or seven.

For a two-year-old to do it is incredible, and even more impressively Isla later showed that she was able to count and write as well.

One of the benefits of being in Mensa getting their magazines, so it's handy that Isla can already read.

While she might be Mensa's youngest member, Isla also enjoys all the things a toddler likes doing like playing outside and watching kids' shows on TV.

She also really enjoys recreating the ending to one of her favourite books which involves all of the letters of the alphabet falling out of a tree.

Mensa is the oldest and most popular high-IQ society in the world, and is open to people who get 98% or above on a standard IQ test.

There's about 134,000 Mensa members around the world living in approximately 100 different countries.

The US has the most members of Mensa, with over 57,000 people in the States signed up to the group, while the next largest cohort of members is in the UK with more than 21,000 British members of Mensa.

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Featured Image Credit: Amanda McNabb

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