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Mom of 2 killed and many injured in Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting
Featured Image Credit: Facebook / YouTube/ KMBC 9

Mom of 2 killed and many injured in Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting

Mom of two Lisa Lopez-Galvan was killed during a shooting at the Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City

One person has been killed and 21 injured following a shooting at the Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City.

Gunfire erupted outside a former train station in Kansas City, Missouri during the victory parade for the Super Bowl yesterday (14 February), celebrating the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Three people have been taken into police custody following the incident.

The deceased person has been named as mom of two and radio DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan.

In a statement, Lopez-Galvan's employers at KKFI radio station said: "It is with sincere sadness and an extremely heavy and broken heart that we let our community know that KKFI DJ Lisa Lopez, host of Taste of Tejano lost her life today in the shooting at the KC Chiefs' rally.

"Our hearts and prayers are with her family. We encourage anyone who feels they saw something to reach out to law enforcement.

"This senseless act has taken a beautiful person from her family and this KC Community."

Lisa Lopez-Galvan was killed in the shooting.

Lisa Lopez, a long time friend of Lopez-Galvan, told the Kansas City Star: “She was the most wonderful, beautiful person,

“She was a local DJ. She did everybody’s weddings. We all know her. She was so full of life.”

She added: “She has a beautiful family. She was such a happy person."

Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas told a news conference: "I'm heartbroken and I'm incredibly upset and disappointed.

"I was there with my wife and my mother, I never would have thought thousands of people would be forced to run for their safety today.

"We went out today looking for a celebration and that was marred. We are praying for the safety of everyone."

At least eight children are among those injured, according to news reports.

The shooting took place at the Super Bowl victory parade.
David Eulitt/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs had been celebrating their victory over the San Fransisco 49ers when shots rang out.

A statement from the Chiefs said: "Truly saddened by the senseless act of violence that occurred outside of Union Station at the conclusion of today's parade and rally.

"Our hearts go out to the victims, their families, and all of Kansas City."

President Joe Biden also released a statement on the shooting, saying: "For this joy to be turned to tragedy today in Kansas City cuts deep in the American soul."

The president also called for tighter gun control in the wake of the shooting.

"We've now had more mass shootings in 2024 than there have been days in the year," he said.

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