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Man spotted by Starbucks executive given special unlimited card for his kind act to an employee
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jontayblack

Man spotted by Starbucks executive given special unlimited card for his kind act to an employee

An executive gave him a gift card following his 'polite' interaction with staff

A customer at Starbucks ended up with quite the surprise after being polite to the member of staff who messed up his drink order.

Back in 2022, TikToker Jontay Black explained that he had gone to get a strawberry lemonade from Starbucks, only for staff to repeatedly get the order wrong.

But Jontay didn't kick off and instead, he was polite and patiently let them get the drink right.

That was when he was approached by a lady who said she was an executive at Starbucks, and was impressed by how kind he had been.

As a thank you, she gave him an unlimited Starbucks gift card, so he would never pay for coffee there again.

He said: "Long story short, they kept messing up the order and I was like, Oh I was just being polite. Like, it's okay everybody have a bad day because I've been having a bad day my damn self.

But anyways, when they finally got my order, right one of the execs come up and she like oh my exec from Starbucks.

Jontay showed off his gift card.

"I've watched your experience from beginning to end and I just want you to know like, you were so polite.

He continued: "She gave me a lifetime Starbucks gift card."

Jontay went on to thank Starbucks for making his day better with the surprise.

The video comes after employees at Starbucks staged strikes at locations across the US.

The strikes were dubbed the 'Red Cup Rebellion', and saw thousands of workers at hundreds of stores walk out, and was scheduled to coincide with the company's 'Red Cup Day' promotion.

The strike was the fifth major industrial action by Starbucks staff since a store in Buffalo, New York was the first to unionise in 2021.

In August 2023, Cornell University announced that it would not be renewing a contract with Starbucks due to its response to the unionising, meaning its contract with the company will end in June 2025.

Starbucks employees have staged nation-wide strikes.
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

This included the company shutting down three stores in Ithaca, New York after staff there voted to unionise, leading to accusations of 'union busting'.

Starbucks has denied that the closures were in response to union activity.

Experts have nonetheless said that the company's response may have been instrumental in preventing further unionizing.

John Logan is a professor of labor studies at San Francisco State University, and told The Guardian: “If Starbucks had not engaged in this ferocious, unlawful campaign, they would have 3,000 unionized stores by now, not 300."

UNILAD has reached out to Starbucks for comment.

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