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LA squatter creates fake lease before renting out Hollywood Hills mansion to OnlyFans models
Featured Image Credit: FOX 11 Los Angeles

LA squatter creates fake lease before renting out Hollywood Hills mansion to OnlyFans models

The ordeal was described as 'really scary'

I'm sure real estate agents across the globe have some interesting stories to share, but this one has to be up there as one of the strangest.

Last month, estate agents Emily Randall Smith and her husband went to visit a property they were looking after in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, to get it set up for an open house.

The seven-bedroom home was supposed to be empty, so the pair were understandably confused to discover people living there.

Emily's suspicions were initially raised when she spotted the lockbox had been cut off and a random mailbox was erected.

Peering into the luxury mansion, Emily's husband then spotted someone sleeping inside.

They called the police, but unfortunately they were unable to remove the unwanted guy from the house.

But when he eventually left, Emily called again and they were able to remove those inside and their belongings.

When police knocked on the door, they were greeted by a woman who claimed to be an OnlyFans model.

"They knocked on the door and I guess some girl opened it and she ended up being an OnlyFans model and I guess the guy who had broken into the house had started this whole business and was renting these rooms out to the girls," Emily explained to Fox 11.

Real estate agent Emily Randall Smith recalled the incident to Fox 11.
Fox 11 Los Angeles

It turns out the ringleader of the operation has supposedly created a 'fake lease' and opened up the home to content creators to film in.

As well as videos been created in the property, it's believed some rather wild parties had also taken place there.

Emily and her husband were left having to clean up the mess.

"There was poop and pee everywhere," she said. "They cut all the cords to all the security systems, they brought in new Wi-Fi. They were planning to sit there and move there."

It's thought they'd been squatting at the property for two weeks.

At the time of the ordeal, no arrests were made and the culprit continues to remain a mystery. Emily has hopes that they'll eventually be caught, however.

Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for squatters to takeover unoccupied luxury homes.

The ordeal took place at a property in the Hollywood Hills.
Geri Lavrov/Getty Stock

Last month, it was reported that a group of squatters had taken up residence in a $4.6 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

They're said to have hosted 'raging parties' at the property, much to the dismay of their celebrity neighbors.

The likes of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Seth MacFarlane and LeBron James are all said to live nearby.

The home is up for sale but, to make things difficult, the squatters have apparently had driving licenses registered to the mansion in a bid to stay there for longer.

But LAPD Senior Lead Officer James Allen told the MailOnline the police department is 'working on a plan with the bank to evict the individuals'.

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