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Skydiver's haunting final words as he realized he forgot to put on his parachute after jumping

Skydiver's haunting final words as he realized he forgot to put on his parachute after jumping

Ivan Lester McGuire realized he didn't have a parachute in haunting video footage

Despite being a trained skydiver, Ivan Lester McGuire jumped to his death after leaving the plane without a parachute.

Skydiving has been a popular past time for thrill seekers for decades and is likely a riveting experience.

Personally, I am unlikely to ever know because... well, because I’m not jumping out of a plane unless I really, really have to.

But for those that can’t get enough of a thrill, you can jump to your heart's content, however, there are still risks that come with it.

The moment Ivan leaped out of the plane (X/Morbidful)
The moment Ivan leaped out of the plane (X/Morbidful)

When jumping, the most important equipment to have with you is your parachute, but in one unfortunate event in the 1980s a man forgot his, resulting in tragic consequences.

In April 1988, Ivan Lester McGuire was filming a parachuting lesson at 10,500 ft in the air, as a student and an instructor from the Franklin County Sport Parachute Center in North Carolina took part.

In haunting video footage, that has repeatedly gone viral and been shared around social media, people have seen McGuire’s final moments before his death.

In the footage, McGuire is seen jumping out of the plane first in order to capture the student’s jump, seemingly unaware he did not have his parachute.

Then the crushing realization dawned on him as he realized he was plummeting to the Earth with no way to stop his descent.

Most terrible of all is McGuire’s final words are caught on tape as he is heard on the recording saying: “Oh my God, no."

The incident was particularly surprising as McGuire was considered an experienced sky diver who had done over 800 jumps. This led officials to believe he simply may have been tired or distracted when it came to this particular occasion.

FAA inspector Walter Rigsbee said at the time: “We haven’t gotten all the facts yet. But there is a regulation, No. 105, that states that the pilot must check - well, no one may jump unless the pilot checks the parachutes.”

Ivan's last words were caught on camera (X/Morbidful)
Ivan's last words were caught on camera (X/Morbidful)

The wife of parachute centre owner Paul Fayard, Nancy Fayard told AP at the time: “No one was aware that he got on the plane without a parachute. Of course no one knew or they would have stopped him."

The pilot, Mark Luman, was even questioned as part of the investigation into the incident as officials immediately ruled out suicide.

They concluded that McGuire simply forgot the parachute and his death was ruled accidental.

McGuire died at the age of 35 and his body was found around one mile away from the airfield where the plane took off.

Featured Image Credit: X/@Morbidful