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Server refuses to work in any restaurant that does kids eat free specials
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@moe.makes.magick

Server refuses to work in any restaurant that does kids eat free specials

The server posted a controversial video online where she listed the reasons she doesn't work kids eat free specials

A server has shared a controversial video in which she explains why she does not work places with a 'kids eat free' policy.

They went so far as to call the kids eat free policy 'abusive', and said that it can have a big negative impact on waiting staff.

And this is more specifically because she claims that the offers mean that tables will only tip on the food they have paid for, and not for the free food.

In practice, this means you could serve a table with four covers on, but if it's two adults and two children you are tipped as though it is a table of two.

Taking to TikTok, Moe - who goes by moe.makes.magick on the app - said: “I don’t deal with the whole kids eat free thing. Like, I refuse to work somewhere that does kids eat free specials.

“Those specials attract people who do not tip. … Those places attract a clientele of people who tip based on the whole discounted price and not what the full price would have been, which, by the way, that is what you tip on.”

So, if you would have had a bill of say $50 without the offer, then you would calculate your tip on that, not the say $30 you paid for the adults.

Moe said that she does not work in establishments with the kids eat free offer on.

People piled into the comments to share their views on the video, with one pointing out that the kids eat free often comes with the condition that it's when there's an adult paying for a meal.

They wrote: "I’ve never seen kids eat free it’s always kids eat free with adult meal purchase."

To which the creator replied: "So 99% percent of the time, 'kids eat free' means with adult purchase. I thought that was understood, guess not."

Others agreed with the TikToker, with one person replying: "As a person who used those when I was a kid, I 100% agree. My mother made sure we (2 kids) were polite and clean and tipped appropriately."

She explained that there are several reasons she does not like those offers.

Another reiterated that the tip is calculated based on the bill before any deductions, adding that this might also include gift cards or vouchers.

They wrote: "Right! When you tip look at what everything *before* coupons, specials, f[r]eebees, etc, a minimum of 20% with the full price of the bill."

There is an alternative, which is to pay serving staff a wage which means that they will not be reliant on tips to make ends meet.

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