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Riley Strain's mom shares their last text messages before son's death
Featured Image Credit: ABC News via YouTube/NewsNation via YouTube

Riley Strain's mom shares their last text messages before son's death

Riley Strain's body was found in Cumberland River, Nashville, last month

Riley Strain's mother has revealed the text messages she'd exchanged with him prior to the college student's death.

Riley was on a trip to Nashville with friends last month when he was asked to leave Luke Bryan's bar, Luke's 32 Bridge.

The 22-year-old told his friends that he'd meet them back at their hotel, but he never showed up.

Riley was then reported missing, with his body being found in the Cumberland River two weeks later.

Metro National Police Department believe his death was 'accidental' as there were no apparent signs of foul play-related trauma.

But Riley's family are awaiting a toxicology report and for a second autopsy to be concluded for further information.

As they wait for more news, Riley's mother, Michelle Whiteid, has recalled her final messages with her son before his death.

Riley Strain left the bar in Nashville by himself. (Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)
Riley Strain left the bar in Nashville by himself. (Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)

In the texts, Riley reportedly expressed concerns about the taste of his drink.

"He had sent me a text and said he was drinking a rum and coke and it didn’t taste good," Michelle told NewsNation during an interview yesterday (April 16).

"And I said, 'Well, you probably shouldn’t drink it then.' And he goes, 'It tastes like barbecue' and I go, ‘Well, that sounds awful’ and he said, ‘It sounds good, but it’s not.'"

She went on to suggest that perhaps something was in the late 22-year-old's drink 'that shouldn't have been'.

UNILAD has contacted Nashville Police and Luke's 32 Bridge for comment.

There's also been speculation about the nature of Riley's death, according to family friend Chris Dingham, who has been giving the media ongoing updates about Riley after a coroner reportedly noted the lack of water in his lungs.

"One thing that threw the family for a loop was the coroner going on record with a news person in Nashville stating about the lack of water in his lungs,” Dingman told NewsNation last month.

Riley's body was found in the Cumberland River. (@MNPDNashville/X)
Riley's body was found in the Cumberland River. (@MNPDNashville/X)

"It raises more questions. I’m not a crime drama person by no means but usually water in the lungs means that, you know, they were alive when they went into the water."

The medical examiner has not publicly confirmed whether the student had water in his lungs; however, they told News Channel 5 that if Riley did not have water in his lungs, it wouldn't mean that he was dead before he went into the river, The Independent reports.

Riley's family have previously thanked people for their support following the national coverage after his disappearance.

"Riley’s captured the hearts of people across the country, and we thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers and their efforts on trying to find him," his father, Ryan Gilbert, told reporters.

Michelle added at the time: "I just ask that you mamas out there hug your babies tight tonight, please."

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence, contact The Compassionate Friends on (877) 969-0010.

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