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Police release video showing suspected killer of Rachel Morin as they appeal for information on him
Featured Image Credit: Harford County Sheriff's Office/Facebook/Rachel Morin

Police release video showing suspected killer of Rachel Morin as they appeal for information on him

Police are asking anyone who can help identify the suspect to come forward

Police have released a video of a suspect in the Rachel Morin case after DNA was found at the scene.

Rachel Morin was reported missing by her boyfriend Richard Tobin at around 11.30pm on Saturday 5 August after he grew concerned when she didn’t return home.

Less than 24 hours after she disappeared, her body was found off the Ma and Pa Trail in Maryland.

Morin's car was located at the trailhead and a volunteer searcher found the body at about 1pm on Sunday, Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler said.

Tobin has since denied any involvement, writing under the pair's August 1 relationship status on Facebook: "I love Rachel, I would never do anything to her, let the family and I grieve. Yes I have a past but I also have 15 months clean and have changed as a person. Please."

Police have now released a video of a suspect - who they say is aged approximately aged 20-30, has dark hair, a muscular build and is believed to be ‘of hispanic descent’ - calling for people to come forward with any information they may have that might help them identify him.

The force revealed at a press conference that a DNA sample found on Morin's body matched samples

recovered at the scene of an earlier home invasion and assault of a young girl in Los Angeles.

“Unfortunately, that suspect has not been identified, but he did leave behind his DNA,” Col. William Davis said, adding: “Based on the DNA evidence, we consider the individual in the video we obtained from the Los Angeles Police Department … to be the person that murdered Rachel Morin."

Police have issued a video of the suspect.
Harford County Sheriff's Office

Sharing the video footage of the suspect, Harford County Sheriff’s Office said in a tweet: “Anyone who can identify this unknown male, or has additional information, is asked to contact the Harford County Sheriff’s Office at our tip line (410) 836-7788 or via email at [email protected].

“The unknown male is described as being approximately 5’ 09’’ 160 pounds, approximately 20-30 years of age, dark hair, muscular build and is believed to be of hispanic decent. This is not a current photo (within the last six months), and the subject’s hairstyle may have changed.

“This individual is believed to have ties to the Los Angeles area and may have been involved in violent crimes in other states.”

Morin was last seen home wearing a dark tank top, black sports bra, black spandex shorts, and gray sneakers.
Facebook/Rachel Morin

A GoFundMe page set up by Morin's sister Rebekah, reads: "It is with devastating sadness and a broken heart that our family has been hit with yet another heartbreak.

"My sister, Rachel Morin went missing on Saturday August 5 2023 around 6pm. In less then 24 hours her body was found by local law enforcement.

"It has only been a week since my niece Lily Beth passed away from SIDS, and I find that I have to make yet another gofundme to help my mother, Patty Morin with funeral costs. There was no life insurance in place.

"This was not an accidental death, and she did not go willingly and she deserves a funeral worthy of her her beauty.

"If there are any remaining funds they will go towards things her 5 children may need. Please share, donate, comment and keep this going."

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