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Heart-stopping footage of explorer almost getting stuck in a cave is making people anxious

Heart-stopping footage of explorer almost getting stuck in a cave is making people anxious

Disaster struck as the explorer crawled into a narrow corridor in PettyJohn's Cave in Georgia

An intrepid explorer has revealed what it would be like to live out one of our worst nightmares, after almost becoming completely trapped in a narrow cave.

In a horrifying YouTube video, one half of the Action Adventure Twins, Edward, documented what it was like when he became stuck in an incredibly narrow crack while exploring PettyJohn's Cave in Georgia.

Edward and his twin brother regularly take to YouTube to share videos of themselves in dangerous situations, but even he admitted he had taken things 'too far' after this particular adventure almost ended in disaster.

In the 22-minute video, we see Edward exploring down a narrow, waterlogged corridor within the cave.

But while the gap appears to get narrower and narrower, a sneaky trick of the light led him to believe that if he only kept going, the corridor would once again open up.

For a few moments, he was completely stuck.
YouTube/ ActionAdventureTwins

Realizing he'd made a mistake, he says in the video: "The reason I kept pushing is I thought it was going to get wider, but as I get closer I realize it was an illusion.

"The water was just so calm and still above me that it was reflecting the ceiling off and just looked like it was a way bigger space but it's continuing to narrow down.

"It's been raining off and on all day. If it floods, I'm done for."

Shortly afterwards, Edward became completely stuck.

After a few anxiety-filled minutes of not being able to move, the YouTuber was eventually able to kick away some of the rocks by his feet and make his way back the way he had come, freeing himself from what could have a fatal trap.

Just as a word of warning, if you suffer with claustrophobia, you probably shouldn't watch this...

Despite managing to keep a cool head himself, the video makes for a very difficult watch.

One YouTuber user wrote: "There’s a fine line between bravery and foolishness, this crossed that it."

Another said: "This video made me realize my claustrophobia is a gift not a curse."

A third added: "Nearly had a full blown panic attack watching this, you lads are nuts!"

Things got pretty dicey.

The video is especially stressful for anyone familiar with the fate of fellow explorer John Edward Jones, who tragically died back in 2009, after making a similar error.

The cave diver had been exploring Nutty Putty Cave in Utah, when he too found himself exploring a narrow corridor, which he believed would open back up.

Unfortunately, James too had made an error, and found himself lodged so tight he was unable to move until his brother Josh found him and called for help.

Despite best efforts of rescuers, James had become stuck in such a difficult position, he could not be pulled free.

By the time medical professionals were able to reach him, he was pronounced dead after a 27-hour rescue mission.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ ActionAdventureTwins

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