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Harrowing dashcam footage captures moment police officer is flung into the air by car during routine traffic stop
Featured Image Credit: Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Harrowing dashcam footage captures moment police officer is flung into the air by car during routine traffic stop

"It's going to take a little bit mentally to come back."

Content warning: Contains descriptions and image of car collision.

A highway patrol officer has spoken out after being flung into the air during a road traffic stop.

On 18 January, highway patrol officer, Trooper Jesse Gregory, pulled over a vehicle as part of a traffic stop on Cimarron Road, Oklahoma.

While he was talking to the driver of the car, another vehicle 'ran into them' and the horrifying incident was caught on his patrol car's dash camera.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol took to Facebook to share the dash camera footage from the officer's vehicle.


"This video is difficult to watch. It is the dash camera from last Thursday, January 18, when Trooper Jesse Gregory #362 was struck by a driver on I-40 at Cimarron Road. He was speaking to the driver of his traffic stop when another vehicle ran into them.

"We show this video as a graphic reminder of the consequences of distracted or impaired driving and the importance of the slow down, move over law.

"We are in the middle of a distracted driving emphasis right now in honor of Trooper Nicholas Dees, who lost his life in the line of duty after being struck by a distracted driver."

Trooper Jesse Gregory pulled over a vehicle as part of a traffic stop on 18 January.
Facebook/ Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Thankfully, the law enforcement team revealed Gregory is 'expected to be ok'.

"In fact, all three people involved in this incident were treated and released," it continues.

And Gregory has since spoken out following the horrifying moment, telling News 9 he doesn't remember 'barrel-rolling' to his feet.

The highway patrol trooper reflects: "Hopefully this is my scare of the career."

But it's not the first time Gregory has been involved in such a collision.

Trooper Gregory was knocked off his feet.
Facebook/ Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Gregory was present at a similar roadside crash when a vehicle went into another car pulled over by Canadian County Deputy Mendoza - who's Gregory's neighbor - located 'a couple of houses down'.

Gregory recalls: "I was less than a mile down from him and I was actually first on scene and called for help."

Mendoza survived the crash but is now in a long-term Rehabilitation Facility recovering.

Gregory says: "When something like this happens to two Law Enforcement Officers within the same month [...] in the same county within I would say two to three miles of each other is pretty crazy."

Warning: Contains footage of car collision.

Despite the horrifying ordeal, Gregory says he's 'ready to come back' to his job and is 'ready to work through it,' however, he notes it's going to 'take a bit mentally to come back'.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol adds: "Our investigators are looking into the cause of this crash and the investigation is ongoing."

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