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McDonald’s fans outraged after noticing burgers have shrunk by '20%'

McDonald’s fans outraged after noticing burgers have shrunk by '20%'

They’re anything but ‘lovin' it’

Inflation has spread into every part of life, and it seems even our McDonald's order has been affected, according to angry McLovers who noticed something fishy about a menu favorite.

They’re anything but ‘lovin' it’.

Although often misunderstood and shunned by many, the Filet-O-Fish has been a beloved staple on the Maccies menu for what feels like forever.

It even has its own dedicated fan base who seem to be fiercely loyal to their order.

However, consumers of the fast-food chain have been left fuming as they suspect the beloved burger has ‘shrunk in size’ along with everything else due to inflation.

One particularly suspicious TikToker has estimated he thinks it’s ‘20% smaller than it used to be’.

User @neilybob said: “The Filet-O-Fish has shrunk by, I’d say, 20%."

“It’s comically small,” the disheartened customer added to the camera, while sadly holding the itty-bitty bite for his followers to see.

“I know my hands are large,” he conceded, gesticulating with his very large hands. “But that’s ridiculous.”

A McDonald's customer has claimed the burger appeared to be smaller.

Many disgruntled foodies seemed to agree with his suspicions, with one especially passionate viewer saying: "Screw you McDonald's!!"

Most of his followers seemed to agree that the size of the burger had decreased over time as one person wrote: "It's DEFINITELY being smaller. They definitely shrank and recently. I laughed when I got one recently."

Another incredulous buyer claimed: “Yeah and the price has gone up by 40%."

Someone else added: "It's now a slider."

While a user final joked: "That's a filet o goldfish."

It’s not just the US that’s clicked on to the difference, as an Australian customer posted a picture on social media of the Filet-O-Fish in between what looks like a Big Mac and a cheeseburger, with the fillet looking especially tiny in comparison.

But now the burning question has been answered by the chain itself.

McDonald's has responded to the claims.

McDonald's has responded to concerns, claiming that we’ve simply got it wrong, as it made an effort to clear things up and stop the flurry of emotions.

A spokesperson for the fast food company told Business Insider: “The size and build of the Filet-O-Fish, including a half slice of American cheese, has not changed in decades."

Well, there you go.

UNILAD has reached out to McDonald’s for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/neilybob / CFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images

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