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Police officer who slept with six co-workers settles lawsuit against members of police force she was fired from

Police officer who slept with six co-workers settles lawsuit against members of police force she was fired from

Maegan Hall is getting a big pay day

Maegan Hall has settled her lawsuit against the city of La Vergne and three of her former superiors in the department.

The former officer was fired from the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee in January 2023, less than two years after joining.

Shortly after she was let go, Hall filed a lawsuit against the city of La Vergne, her former police chief Burrel “Chip” Davis, and former sergeants McGowan and Lewis Powell.

Why was Maegan Hall fired?

Hall was sacked from the force after admitting to a string of sexual encounters with her co-workers while on duty.

It was also alleged that Hall and the fellow officers in question were sending X-rated images of one another.

Three of the officers who admitted to the relationships were fired along with Hall, as was police sergeant Henry "Ty" McGowan.

Other officers were suspended for their involvement.

What allegations did Maegan Hall make in her lawsuit?

In her suit, Hall claimed that her 'supervisors and the Chief of Police groomed her for sexual exploitation'.

Meagan Hall has settled her suit with the city of La Vergne.

Describing herself as a 'vulnerable and optimistic 24-year-old woman', the suit went on to allege: "They colluded in using their authority to systematically disarm her resistance and entrap her in degrading and abusive sexual relationships, even sharing tips on the best ways to manipulate and exploit her."

What settlement agreement has been reached?

Over a year on from her firing and Hall has reached a settlement. The 28-year-old will be paid a whopping $500,000, which includes court costs, attorneys fees and expenses paid out by the city's insurance.

The La Vergne Board of Aldermen voted to pay the money to close the case on Wednesday (March 20).

The board voted 3-1 in favor of settling it, Daily Mail reports.

She was fired from the force in January 2023.
NewsChannel 5

A statement from the board reads: "The La Vergne Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted tonight to authorize the mayor to sign a settlement agreement between the City of La Vergne and former police officer Maegan Hall.

"The agreement was negotiated between the attorney's representing the City and Hall. The City's insurance provider will pay the sum of $500,000 to Hall as a gross settlement, which includes court costs, attorneys fees, and expenses.

"The City denies any admission of liability, and no taxpayer funds will be spent to settle this lawsuit."

Speaking after the settlement was reached, Hall's lawyer Wesley Clark Brazil Clark PLLC said they were 'absolutely' pleased with the result.

"This was her decision. She wanted to put this in the past and move forward with her life," he added, as per NewsChannel5.

Featured Image Credit: NewsChannel 5 via YouTube

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