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Woman who dated dentist accused of poisoning his wife with protein shakes claims she was lied to

Woman who dated dentist accused of poisoning his wife with protein shakes claims she was lied to

Karin Cain had been dating James Craig for three weeks when his wife died

The woman who was dating Colorado dentist James Craig at the time he was allegedly poisoning his wife through protein shakes has said he lied to her multiple times.

Karin Cain, from Texas, met James Craig at a dentist conference in February, at which time Cain was in the process of divorcing her husband.

The pair spent time talking and connecting, and Cain has claimed that Craig told he her was also going through a divorce with his wife, Angela Craig.

In reality, Craig and Angela were not going through a divorce, but Angela died in March during her third trip to the hospital, where doctors were unable to figure out what was wrong with her.

Angela was put on a ventilator during her final trip to hospital, and soon after she was declared medically brain dead and taken off life support.

Craig has now been charged with first-degree murder, and is accused of lacing his wife's protein shakes with arsenic and cyanide. Police claim he carried out the poisonings to pursue a relationship with another woman.

James Craig has been  charged with first-degree murder.
Aurora Police Department

Craig hasn't yet entered a plea in the case, but Cain told ABC News that she doesn't think she could have been the motive for the alleged poisoning, because there was 'no planning a future together' with Craig.

According to an affidavit in the case, Angela's sister told police that Craig had multiple affairs with other women.

Cain and Craig had only been dating for three weeks when Angela died, and looking back, Cain said: "If I had known what was true, I would not have been with this person."

"He told me... they hadn't been living together. He had an apartment," she continued.

Cain went to visit Craig in Colorado while they were dating, during which time Angela was in hospital.

Karin Cain dated James Craig for three weeks before Angela died.
ABC News

"It wasn't until the media started reporting on it that I realized the timeline was so tight, that it was two days after we had left that meeting," she said.

Cain, who has made clear she never slept with Craig, said she feels remorse for Angela's family following her loss.

"I can't even imagine the loss of a family member and then to consider that it could be at the hands of someone that had been in the family for 25 years," she said.

The affidavit claims that Craig used a computer at his dental practice to create a new email address and make online searches in the weeks before Angela's death, including: "How many grams of pure arsenic will kill a human," and "Is arsenic detectable in autopsy."

Craig appeared in court today (12 July) for a preliminary hearing, where he was seen handcuffed and wearing an orange Arapahoe County Detention Facility jumpsuit.

Featured Image Credit: GMA/ABC News

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