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Influencer helps raise staggering amount of money for homeless family after finding them sleeping in the cold
Featured Image Credit: Fox 26 / TikTok / victoriavanna

Influencer helps raise staggering amount of money for homeless family after finding them sleeping in the cold

The influencer 'couldn't believe' eyes when she saw the mom and her three kids

An influencer has spoken out after using her platform to help raise funds for a homeless family of four.

Victoria Vanna found a mom and her three children sleeping underneath a highway bridge in Houston, Texas on 28 December.

Desperate to help them, Vanna took to her TikTok page to share what happened when she bumped into the family in a bid to raise funds to try and get them off the streets.

In the video, uploaded to the platform on 30 December, Vanna explains she came across the family sleeping under the bridge in 'freezing weather'.

"I saw a little boy and I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him. I asked him if he was alone and that’s when I saw the rest of them come out," she told FOX 26 Houston.

The influencer wasted no time in getting the family a hotel and sitting down to get to know them.

She continued: "It's truly incredible how much they've been through and how they still manage to keep smiles on their faces."

The mom and her three children fled Honduras after other members of their family were killed.
FOX 26 Houston

The mom-of-three told Vanna she had two sons who were killed in Honduras.

"Their violence is a normality. She left the country, left Honduras, because of what happened to her family," the TikToker added.

With the family in a hotel, Vanna then set about starting a GoFundMe for them.

The GoFundMe states: "This beautiful family has under extreme circumstances had to come to America. After loosing her two sons and husband due to violence she’s come to try to make a better life for her and her children.

"The goal is to help this family raise money for a place to stay for a few months while their mom gets on her feet.

"Anything helps. Thank you."

In just four days - at the time of writing - the GoFundMe has raised $12,020 of its $15,000 target, with over 500 people rushing to make donations and offer words of support and encouragement to the family.

One donator wrote: "I can’t imagine your journey and yet the love you all have for each other is so strong!"

A second added: "Because you never know where life might take you and you never know what Hope you'll need or the help I pray they can reach the goal, And this helps them get back on their feet many blessings My thoughts and prayers with you."

And a third commented: "Wishing the best for this wonderful family! We are all rooting for you!"

Vanna reflected: "It’s just so cool to watch the community, how everyone comes together to help this beautiful family.

"I think everyone forgets that it’s a luxury to be able to even have a home or a roof over your head."

You can donate to the GoFundMe here.

If you’re a US resident and you’ve been affected by any of these issues, call 211 for help with finding options to pay your rent, mortgage or utilities bills and stay in your home, or visit the 211 website for more contact information.

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